Competition Beef Brisket Sauce Question?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by sniltz, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I just wanted to know if anyone on here had a good brisket sauce for competition? We did a competition in Salisbury, NC this weekend and came in 13th out of 77 teams in brisket. Even though I thought this was good, I didn't really care for our sauce. I took my St. Louis red sauce and my friends coffee sauce then added the brisket juices to it. It was all right but, would really like a good sauce (not to sweet, but with a slight kick to it) and a good glaze to it. If anyone has a good recipe and don't mind sharing it would be great.
  2. Would like to help you out with your question, but I don't sauce my briskets in competitions, just the natural au jus from the meat, fat renderings and the rub. Congrats on your placing, with that result out of a crowd of 77 teams, I wouldn't be messing with it too much.
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