Colorado flooding

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by miamirick, Sep 16, 2013.

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    How are all of our Colorado brothers and sisters doing? The news we see sure does look terrible. Hope you all find high and dry ground and make it through safe
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    SmokinHusker is in Colorado...she can give you some details on how things are going around her.

  3. Fortunately for me, although the rain seemed non stop last week here, we didn't have the flooding and damage that other parts of the state experienced. Farm land is underwater in the NE part of the state, 30 bridges are completely destroyed and at least 20 are damaged state wide. There are lots of closed roads statewide, including all the roads to Estes Park and Rocky Mtn Natl Park. 

    Colorado Springs got hit pretty hard, which is south east of where I am, so all the run off from up here headed right there. 

    On the lighter side though, these are our seasons here

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    I am so glad you are safe, Alesia. I hope those who need it get all the help they need. We had the same situation in this country earlier this year.

  5. Thanks Disco! The biggest thing we worry about up here is the main Highway to Colorado Springs closing when it rains. We've had so many mud/rock slides and roadway flooding since April. One death in August, so now when we have a Flash Flood Warning, the highway is automatically closed. The slides/flooding is due to the Waldo Canyon Burn Scar from last year's fire. 

    The concrete barriers are dividing the westbound and eastbound lanes...they were moved by the water and debris.
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    Hunker down, keep safe, smoke something.

  7. Up north in the Boulder, Estes area got hit the hardest.  For a majority, the 8 straight days of rain was merely a nuisance.  The worse I got was a leaky office window and the kids putting on their rubber boots to go play in the mud and decided it would be cool to make tracks on the patio and deck.  The people that got hit hard by the flooding were hit really hard.  Think it was over 200 homes lost in Boulder, 1500 in larimer county with thousands evacuated by helicopter, 8 dead.  My thoughts are with all the people and families that got displaced.  All the missing bridges is a good thing for me since I design them for a living...

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