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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scredx3, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. scredx3

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    Its 13 degrees with a wind chill of 3 (great smoking weather!). I have a pork shoulder in the smoker. I usually try to cook a shoulder at 225. Its so cold outside that my flame is a little higher/bigger than normal. I've been adjusting the flame, vents, and exhaust for about 45 minutes now. The closest I can get is 239 to 240 (Maverick ET-732). Will the 15 degrees make that big of a difference?
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  3. cliffcarter

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    Yes it will make a difference, you will get done a bit quicker than you would if you were cooking at 225°. I always cook butts and shoulders much higher than 225° with no compromise in the quality of the finished product.
  4. scredx3

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    I have a Landmann GOSM. In good weather, I can usually get my smoker temp within 4 or 5 degrees of where I want. Today its jumping between 14 to 18 degrees off. My Maverick is reading 243 now. Its been staying between 239 and 243 for about 25 minutes now. My IT is up to 111 after only 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  5. cliffcarter

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    IMHO you do not have any reason to be concerned. I cook at temps between 285°-315° with no compromise in quality, I just get done faster than if I were cooking at 225°. I suggest that you let it cook where it wants to and be done when it's done[​IMG][​IMG].
  6. scredx3

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    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to just let it do its thing.
  7. concordeer

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    I cook at 250 degrees on everything I cook.

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