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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by fishwrestler, Apr 23, 2010.

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    OK I am kind of low budget. If i think I can build something cheaper I usually try. Usually it ends up costing just as much if not more.
    Well this time I did it on a budget and it worked. I got about $25 in this with the initial results looking promising.

    I have looked at several cold smoke generators and thought I could build one. After consulting the local metal head my Dad I decided with his recommendation I did not need to use aluminum pipe and to give exhaust pipe a try. I went to a local muffler shop and the guy gave me a piece of 3 1/2" by 11" scrap pipe for free. Next stop dad's house and off to his local muffler guy who sleeved both ends of another scrap piece for the caps. I left it with directions with my dad he is our family welder I am the pulp head as he calls me. He made up the ends and the next day after a visit to Home Depot. For a 6" piece of 3/4" black pipe, and the needed brass fitting. I dropped it back off today with more directions. When I picked it up It looked good. Hit wally world for a $10 aquarium tank pump and some chips,.
    I think i need to put some high temp silicone on the inside of the lid but other than that I am happy with the results may take the pump back and get the next size up.
    Here is a top view

    Here is a side view, I think I am ready to smoke some cheese this weekend

    This would have never been possible if not for me finding this site.

  2. caveman

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    Since you're in the Thanking mood, of course, the first person who responds to this post gets free cheese. Oh....that would be me.
  3. fishwrestler

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    LOL well If you are ever in norcal stop by, I will save you a piece of the cheese.

    Yeah at one point I took the bottom cap off and the smoke still was rolling pretty good.

    I need to drill a whole in my current smoker and use it until I can gather the funds for the new build I am in the planning stages on.

  4. dave54

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    good job!!! I 'm with you on this being a great site > I've made 5 total for me and some buddies and from what I've found out is the air pump is handy to have when using to light it the air pump helps in getting it smoldering good then i just pull the air line off and use the bottom covers to adjust the draft on it and its good to go ,no need for the pump.
    if the smoke dwindles off just tap the body and back comes that thin blue smoke we all know and love !
  5. From looking at your pictures, you could drill some 1/4" holes below your lower sleeve, say about 1 every inch. then drop ur sleeve to accomidate the draft you need. another words the lower you would drop ur sleeve the more holes, thus more draft to ur gun. That way you can adjust to your weather conditions, for the max or min smoke that you would desire. I guess you can tell that I come from the Amish area, as us Dutch are frugal when it comes to saving, or elimating energy use.
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    Looks great! Got to love the information available on this site.

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