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  1. Im sure somebody on here has smoked with this. I ran across some Coffee wood at a local bbq grill/ smoker store. What does it taste like?Bitter, sweet. What meat do you smoke with it? The salesman didnt have much info on it.
  2. I thought at least 1 person would have come across it??????[​IMG]
  3. fire it up

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    Gotta give the post some time for folks to get on the site and read it.

    Never came across any coffee wood, sounds interesting.
    What I like to do when I test new wood out for flavor is do a chuckie with a basic salt, pepper and garlic seasoning so I can get a good taste of the wood flavor.
    Most recent was to test tobasco wood.
  4. and how was that?
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  6. mballi3011

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    Now I have never heard of it but I'm kinda in a box down here. But the store right down the road has alot of differant woods but not coffee. It better be really good if they want that much money for t too.
  7. I didnt receive the resonse I figured I would, so I will bight the bullet and get some. Full report to follow. I think I will try the chuckie, or a tri tip. Stay tunned.....
  8. rbranstner

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    MMMMM Coffee Chuckie. I mean Yuck! I hate coffee but it might be good for smoking with. There were some really idiot kids at my highschool that use to smoke coffee maybe you could add coffee to your smoker like wood chips. haha I dare you to try it.
  9. Haha! I think we went to the same I will stick to the coffee wood. Curiosity has got the best of me[​IMG]
  10. garyt

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    Why, there is apple and cherry, I use apple and oak mostly, yes coffee is a cherry but if it was really great everyone would know about it cause like you said someone would have tried it, for me I guess I am too old, cheap and experienced, and I guess that last word means old
  11. I just ran across this forum today. I don't know if it is still active or if many read it. I am from Florida but have lived in Costa Rica for 6 years now. As most know, Costa Rica has some of the finest coffee in the world. I noticed that a lot of bar b que places cook with coffee wood, which is outstanding. So, I tried the wood and chips myself. It truly put a great flavor and color on your meats like no other. So, I decided with help of a friend to start exporting coffee wood for those who are interested. P.m. Me if you are interested.
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    I see this is your first post - please go by our Roll Call and introduce your self so we can give you a proper welcome 
  13. tiweg

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    Hey, are you exporting?  WE love Coffee Wood and cannot find it anywhere!!!!!  Please let me know.... do you have a website?
  14. That sounds delicious and delightful! Cheers! - Leah
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     The coffee wood guy has only the one post and it was made well over a year ago so I don't think he's been back here very much.
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    I live next to a coffee farm and they just last week pruned half of their coffee trees. There is thousands of coffee trees cut and laying on the ground! I went down the other day and grabbed 30 for myself. The trees where about five years old and are about two inches in diameter at the base.

    I also have access to ohia wood, common guava and waiwi (strawberry guava). I usually smoke with ohia wood because I have so much of it.

    Let me know if you are interested in a box of Hawaiian smoke wood...
  17. radio

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    Never tried coffee wood, but if any of you ever get the chance at some Manzanita, snag it!  Awesome smoking wood!!!  It is very dense and burns very hot, so close the inlet more than usual.  Mild, but very delicious flavor
  18. hickorybutt

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    I'd love to hear from anyone who has used coffee wood.  I have a buddy who is really into coffee, and we are talking about experimenting with different coffee flavors with BBQ.  Maybe making a rib rub that has a little ground coffee in it, or also making an espresso BBQ sauce.  Smoking with coffee wood would add another dimension.

    I believe there are plenty of Kentucky Coffee trees around where I live, so I'm sure I could find some scrap wood from a lumber shop maybe.  Not sure if this is the same type of wood as a traditional coffee tree, but worth the try.

    And I'm not quite sure this coffee-themed BBQ will turn out to be that good either, just a fun experiment.
  19. welshrarebit

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    If you are going to make a coffee bbq rub make sure you use instant coffee to make it! Do not use coffee grounds.

    As a professional chef if you plan to leave coffee in the finished product you must use some kind of instant coffee. I actually have some coffee bbq rub that a friend made but haven't tried yet.

    Also, coffee is not related to a cherry tree. It's actually closely related to a gardenia plant (so I've heard); if you've ever driven thru a coffee farm when the trees are in full bloom the smell is AMAZING!!!
  20. worktogthr

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    I was curious why you suggest not using coffee grounds? The other day I made brisket with a coffee rub and used a keurig k- cup because its all I had. It turned out great, but then again those might be just like instant coffee. Thanks!

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