Coffee brined baby backs

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  1. Havent posted in a while...... So thought I would post up some ribs from this weekend. Wanted to try a couple different things and super happy I did!

    Thanks Jeff.... Took the coffee brine and coffee rub straight from his news letter.

    Letting the rub get nice and sticky. 1 coffee brined coffee rubbed, 1 non brined coffee rubbed, 1 coffee brined reg rubbed. The stack in the back right is non brined reg rubbed ...... As a fall back encase the others didn't turn out :biggrin:

    Stacked up and ready for the smoker

    Let the apple pellets smoke..... Wish I would have lit both ends to get more smoke.

    Unwrapped and ready to crisp up

    On the grill for a few

    Super juicy

    Coffee rub gives a nice dark bark

    Ready for sampling ........

    And the favorite was..... Coffee brined coffee rubbed .... Won by a long shot!!
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    Looks good!

    Just might try that coffee approach.
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  4. Good looking ribs man  [​IMG]   I like the sampling plates!  [​IMG]   Nice smoke...
  5. Thanks guys! Really trying to get more consistent with my ribs and it's working.

    The coffee rub and brine are amazing!!! 2nd place was reg rub coffee brined.

    Can't wait to try something else with the coffee brine!!!

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