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    Hi Everyone,

    got a 12 lb biscuit in the smoker, remove temp should be 185-190. One end is already at 187, the rest is at 163, what should i do to keep it from cooking too much? Thanks
  2. 12 lb biscuit?  Darned auto correct.  Anyway if its a 12 lb brisket that's getting a little crispy on one end, you can wrap tinfoil (shiny side out) around the end that's cooking too fast.
  3. Hello.  I know I shouldn't, but just how many gallons of gravy are ya making for that biscuit?.  Just poking some fun Mike.  Jasper has you sorted on the brisket.  It's not the first time.  One we get here quite often is "pork lions".  I here those are pretty tough but if you catch one; I'll skin that sucker!  [​IMG]   Have fun and good luck on the brisket.  Keep Smokin!


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