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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by pinkmeat, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. pinkmeat

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    What steps should I follow to clean this thing? It is a closed top 55gal drum, no clue what was in it. I am planning on starting out by filling it with water for at least a week or so, then the only way to start anything else is to cut off the portion used for the new lid opening. Anything else besides burning the heck out of it once it's open??
  2. bbq bubba

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    Save the water.
    Cut the top off and start burnin...
    Unless there was some dangerous chemicals in it, the burn out will take care of it!
    What are you gonna use for a top? Weber lid is the best way to go if you can get one!
    Good luck.
  3. 4t64rd

    4t64rd Fire Starter

    Big Lots, mac Frugals has a cheap 22-1/4" kettle grill, you can canibalize it for most everything you'll need.

    Mine had a plastic coating, I burned it with a propane torch until it turned white, then hit it with a 4" knotted wire wheel in a 4" angle grinder.
  4. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    No, no UDS. I know you're all disappointed, but I am not on that bandwagon yet. I am making a horizontal.....I was afraid that sparks from a blade/saw may ignite with something?
  5. div

    div Smoking Fanatic

    Nah just do what bubba said and if ya got a shop around u can probably get it sand blasted for little $ Just remember u have to paint right after sandblasting or it will rust. I tried the wire wheel and grinder on my first one and never again, its worth the couple extra $$ to just have it blasted. Def burn first though, I burned my first one 3 times I was so nurotic about the liner in it.
  6. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    It also gives you an excuse to get a little "pyro" time, which is always fun ;)

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