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  1. Ok, before i start using my new MES i have a simple question. What do i need to do as far as cleaning the smoker after use? I know to clean the racks, drip and water pans but what about the walls of the smoker? I had read elsewhere that you don't clean the walls then i read a recent thread here that some people do clean it after each use. So, should i clean the inside of the smoker or not?
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    Like you said, it varies by person.

    I always line my water pan (inside and out) and drip pan with foil for easier clean-up. I'll change out the foil in the water pan every smoke and the drip pan after it gets a bit of build-up on it, so that depends on what I'm smoking. Both of those and the grates can go straight into the dishwasher and I do the grates every time and the other 2 as needed.

    DO NOT put the grates into a self-cleaning oven. Someone here did that (and it sounded like a good idea at the time) and it ruined the shelves.

    The walls I just wipe down with a wet towel from time to time. That keeps the gunk levels down and prevents it from building up. The door sealing area and the seals, along with the little lip at the bottom of the door I'll clean every smoke. The overflow pan in the back; I'll clean if it gets grease in it. You need to hand-wash this because if you put it in the dishwasher like I did, it peels the paint off and then starts rusting.

    My outside is stainless, so I wipe down with a stainless cleaner as needed and then keep a cover over it when it's not in use.
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    You have to clean a smoker? lol.

    Going on two years now in my MES and other than wiping off the temp "button" every so often and cleaning out the drip tray at the bottom, it has yet to be cleaned.
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    The main thing inside the smoker is to keep the temp probe clean. Other than that, I don't think you have to worry about it and I would not use any kind of detergent or soap as it may make the meat taste like soap or detergent. You can try one of those green scrubbing pads with water every once in a while, but really, you don't want to make it too clean or you'll lose the seasoning you worked so hard to build up.
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    Smoke residue puts hair on your chest, leave it there.

    Other than that, I treat it the same as any other oven I cook in - clean up the drippings, spilled rub, etc.
  6. Thank you everyone for the responses. I didn't think cleaning the good seasoning fom it sounded right but had to make sure. I will do what i always did with my old ECB and clean the water pan and racks.
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    Just get rid of the excess grease, and if you see chips or flakes on the walls, get rid of them too.

    Enjoy your smoker.

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