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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by elohel, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. elohel

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    Hey guys,

    I'm kind of at a loss on how to clean this thing. I just opened it up and there is mold all over the racks from sitting there for the past few months :S Cleaning the racks is easy enough, but how do I go about cleaning the inside of the box? I don't want to damage any electrical connections, but the thing is in need of a deep clean.


  2. allen

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    I have a 40in. MES and I use a plastic credit card that is no longer in use or you could use a wooden shim. I don't use soap and water unless I absolutley have to,then i make sure I have dry rags.
  3. daveomak

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    Jeremy, morning....  some have placed a pan of hot water in the smoker, cranked the heat up and steamed the smoker for an hour or so....  cleaned the inside then let the heat continue to dry stuff out...   Using it weekly would be easier than cleaning it.... [​IMG]  ...  but you knew that...  

  4. Sounds like the inside must have been damp when you put it away?  Like Dave said - put some water in the pan and run it at top temp for an hour.  I close the vent during that process to really steam up the inside.  

    Wipe it down, run the racks through a dishwasher and hopefully it will be all good for you.  Make sure that thing is bone dry before you cover it up for storage.

    Good luck!

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  5. dockman

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    I remove racks, heat shield, water pan, chip tray, and bottom pan and wash them by hand. Then I rinse the inside of my MES 40 and use a razor blade to clean glass. I then fire up my air compressor to blow all the water away from heating element. Once I have all this done I put everything back in place and run smoker on high for 45 minutes or so. I to had the mold once and started cleaning this way and storing with door cracked some so far so good.
  6. iI find it's best to just brush the grates and clean the water pan.  everything else is just seasoning.
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  7. gunz and carz

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    I kind of like Bob's approach. I haven't got mine delivered yet, but I hope to get it dirtied up shortly after it arrives. I've heard there is a "seasoning" or "break-in" step required. Anyone have any info on that, or does the manual cover it?
  8. papacurtis

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    The manual explains the seasoning process Gunz. 275 degrees for three hours. That is max temp for this unit. Then a handful of chips into the loader, for giving it it's first coat of smoke seasoning. After residue burn off, i lowered temp on mine to 225 and gave it two hours of smoke to flavor if you will. Some guys spray or wipe cooking oil on walls to facilitate seasoning. Your choice. Remember to fashion some sort of foil cover drip protection over your loader, chip tray areas to prevent sticky mess there after a smoke. Good luck.
  9. gunz and carz

    gunz and carz Newbie

    Papa Curtis - Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to giving it a break-in so I can get on with the smoking part.
  10. lynyrd dayton

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    hey Jeremy,

    the same thing happened to me. hadn't used the smoker in a while and it became moldy. all I did was scrape out the bottom a little, leaned it forward and took a hose to it. I dried off the outside connections, plugged it in, and put it on high for about an hour. worked fine.
  11. Okay I hate a dirty smoker.  Seasoning or not its going to be scrubbed down after every use as I am a neat freak and cannot stand soot and smoke smell everywhere.  Going to try the water in the smoker to hopefully loosen the stuff from the smoker so I can clean it
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  12. Hi,

    I'm with you 100 % on cleaning the smoker after each use. Bacteria does not get "burned off" in the low smoking temperatures most smokers use. I have found if you clean it while it's still very warm helps tremendously. I use Clorox disinfecting wipes and they take off almost everything easily. Because there could be chemicals in the wipes and Masterbuilt says don't use any chemicals inside the unit, I spray the inside wall, door, window etc with clear water and wipe it out. 

  13. I use a bucket of hot water and a scrub sponge with Dawn liquid to help break down the grease on the walls and glass. Be sure to clean the small probe and small raised circular disk on the back wall. If you get too much build up on these I hear it will negatively effect the smoker's ability to measure the temp and cut on and off the element properly. The small round disk is the top limit sensor so you don't want it to covered up with crud either as you don't want the unit to overheat. I don't get it squeaky clean but just take off the excess.

    Smoke on!
  14. jlarson989

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    I am new with this unit and had the mold explosion as well. (smoked 6 -8 times)   Couple of observations:

    1. Glass door. I use a spray that Dawn has come out with. It is a heavy degreaser with no perfume. I then hose off the door.

    2. I am cocnerned about hosing out the inside for fear of wrecking the electrical connections. Have not figured out how to clean the walls of the unit yet.

    3. Racks, greave pans, water bowl. I put them inside my Weber gas grill and turn it on high for 15 minutes. Smokes like crazy and burns everyting off so no organics or grease remain for mold to grow.
  15. I mix distilled white vinegar and water half and half in the water pan. Turn on the smoker and run for a couple of hours and wipe clean. Works for me.
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  16. chef jimmyj

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    Dude, If you got Bacteria that is not killed at 130-165*F, a Cool Smoke temp, or the typical Hot Smoke temp of 225+*F...You got some kind of Mutant Bacteria from Planet X and need to watch your small animals don't start disappearing! All Joking aside...There are no known Bacteria that can survive typical smoking temps. There are Bacteria that create Spores that will survive temps up to 220*F But they need a very specific oxygen free environment to grow. Not to mention Smoke is inherantly Antibacterial. Yes if we are cold smoking Cheese at ambient temps, under 90*F, there may be a slight issue but nobody is going to lay 5 pounds of Cheese on a Rack covered in Rib Grease and burnt on BBQ Sauce...You are much more likely to contaminate your food in your Refrigerator, by Handling it or simply by contact with Air Borne Bacteria, than you will smoking it in a 5 year old smoker the has NEVER been Cleaned. Cleaning the Racks, yes, good idea but the entire smoker only needs to be cleaned if there is a lot of Grease build up...JJ
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  17. neeb177

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    always remember to take your water pan out cause that's what causes the mold
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  18. whiskytango

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    Same thing happened to me, I just used warm soapy water and scrubbed then used a pale of clean water and wiped down again.  I heated it up to disinfect before I used it again.  Good to go!
  19. This is what I do as well and have found that your smoker will keep its seasoning but will take care of clean up nicely.  After each use make sure you clean your grates to make sure you have no rust issues. I have had my smoker for almost 5 years now.
  20. I would think on this smoker that pulling the water pan, drip tray and racks out after smoking , washing and storing them inside in clean environment ( ready for next smoke) would be all that should be necessary.

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