Chuck Roast and 'Taters

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  1. Pulled out a couple of chuck roasts from last years ½ of beef for first smoking attempt with this cut.

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    Move over Meat!

  4. Here's the meat.


    Here the meat with Jeff' Naked Rub


    It was raining when I started the smoker so I had to setup the smoker in the shed.  This is my winter and inclement weather setup.  I have been smoking sausage in this shed for years.



    Roasts loaded into the smoker.

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    Looks like a good start, but you better get off the computer, and get in there quick!!!

    Your MES fell over !!!!  [​IMG]

  6. Added the Taters when I figured there was about 2.5 hours left.  Coated them with olive oil and sprinkled with the rub.


    I pulled the roasts when they got to about 160 (about 6 Hours @ 235) and wrapped them in foil for about an hour, this brought the temp up to 170.

    Here they are at 160.


    Here is the roast we sliced up, the other is still wrapped in the fridge.


    And now the finished Taters:


    and sliced roast, yum,yum.

  7. Looks great and your potatoes are awesome.
  8. Man those cuts were gorgeous! Nice looking smoke man. What kind of wood smoke did you use?

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    That All looks Great, Bob !!!!!

    And the BearView is Perfect!!!


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    Man the color of those chuckies is off the charts!
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    Absolutely awesome!!

  12. I used the AMS with hickory and mesquite dust.  One on each side burning at the same time.  I had to refill it, but the results were well worth it.
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  13. Excellent, I like the combo! Great smoke Bob!

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    Looks delicious!!

      Hope you got the MES turned back up ok!!

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    Looks great Man  wow what a color on these chuckies
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    looks great.  I'm so hungry right now
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    Great looking cuts of meat you started with -- and they look even better after rubbed and smoked.  Great job!

    I'd love to have a shed to smoke in like that -- no more worries about rain -- what a great idea!

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