Chuck/pot roast on my Brinkmann

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jm21, Oct 21, 2007.

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    So, I had pulled out a pot roast to cook in a dutch oven, but inspired by the recent thread here about smoking them, I thought I'd give it a try.

    I have the Brinkmann all-in-one (for a week more at least). The water pan seemed to interfere with my digital thermometer when I used it to test the lower rack's heat, so I took it out. Being right over the lava rocks seems to help the flavor out too, or maybe it's just me. I just use the lower rack, sitting in its normal position.

    I use about 6 chunks of mixed mesquite/hickory, half soaked, half dry. I put them on the lava rocks, light the jet burner, set it to about 3/4 open, and let things warm up while I get the meat ready on the grill sitting off to the side, and set my remote thermometer on the grill beside the meat. When I can start smelling the smoke, I put the top part and lid on and reduce the burner to about 1/2. When the thermometer reads 210, I cut the burner back to where it's about to go out, but the temperature usually rises to about 240-250 as the wood starts to burn a bit, and unless I cut the propane it doesn't get much below 240.

    I marinated the roast (a little over 3lbs) in a simple marinade/brine mix (don't know what to call it...water, EVOO, sea salt, cajun seasoning, garlic, rosemary) for about 5 hours. At 1 hour I basted, flipped the meat, and basted again. At 2 1/4 hours, I went to do the same and noticed the temp in the pit had risen to about 290 sometime in the last 20-30 minutes or so while I was doing some stuff inside. I stuck the digital thermometer in the meat to make sure I didn't get it too well done. It hit 145 fairly quickly, and I thought I'd take it out and foil it, let it rise a few degrees on its own. But I inserted the thermometer into a better location and realized the temp was a bit low (138) and not rising at all, probably because I was outside and it was a bit cold. I threw it back on the smoker and closed the lid. A few minutes later the previously wet wood chunks caught fire one after another and I had to take the top part of the smoker off so the meat wouldn't get burned, then put it back on when the fire died down. It was a bit too hot, so I cut the propane and it was still at about 290 from the wood embers. I had the meat thermometer in a good spot of the meat and figured I'd just let it sit until the meat hit about 150. I took it off about 151, tented it, and let it sit for about 10 minutes until the temp started decreasing, then dove in.

    Tasted great, but I'm not really sure whether it's smoked, grilled, or baked, haha. A little tough in spots, but the flavor was spot-on.

    I definitely need a remote thermometer dedicated entirely to the meat. And remember to make some toast to sop up those juices.

    Some pics (didn't think to take some before I started):
    1 hour, before flipping

    1 hour, after flipping

  2. chrish

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    Looks good man, id call the "GOOD EATS" how was it on the inside, med rare? thats when its the best, dont over cook a roast or it be like eating your shirt:)
  3. deejaydebi

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    Looking good JM! [​IMG]
  4. jm21

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    It was medium-rare, a bit more towards medium than I would have liked. I like my steaks sort of medium-rare-rare if that makes sense. I probably should have pulled it at 145 or 146, but it seemed like it had quite a ways to go when I pulled it out the first time. I agree 100% about the shirt taste of an over-cooked roast, especially beef. When I make a pot roast in a pot or the oven I always have to drench it in gravy to get the beef flavor back in.

    Really, the chuck has a lot "beefier" flavor to it than the more expensive cuts, imho, and cooked this way it's a lot more tender than the chuck or round steaks I've had. It's nice to find a way to get a nice thick steak on the plate without breaking the bank.
  5. flash

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    Doesn't look bad to me, although I would request you down size your photos some......actually it looks like you have two side by side. This causes member to have to scroll to read you post. See if you can do an EDIT and get a couple of spaces between those two side by side images.
  6. deer meat

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    Man is that a juicy lookin roast....great job[​IMG]

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