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    Chix and a Chuck for the FoodSaver   

    I made my weekly trip to my local grocery store to look for what was on sale this week. I saw whole chickens @ $0.67/lbs. I figured I hadn’t done whole birds in awhile, plus it’s always nice to shred or cut up and foodsave for pasta, salads, chimis, taco’s etc. Picked up 2 of these for a whopping $3.93 each. I also had picked up a couple 3 lbs Chucks at Costco a few weeks ago. So I took one out to thaw earlier in the week.

    Decided to spatchcock and brine both of the birds since the last chicken I brined turned out so well. I have been meaning to Mad Hunky a brisket, but haven’t done one in so long, I decided to use it on the Chuck.

    Cooking down some Slaughterhouse Brine (click for recipe)

    The Birds @ $3.93 each

    Costco 3lbs Chuck

    Liberally covered w/ Mad Hunky, and wrapped for overnight. Usually I don’t do this with beef if the rub has a lot of salt in it

    The 2 birds spatchcocked, and placed in the brine for the fridge overnight

    The following morning, rinsed off the brine, and seasoned with Plowboys Yardbird

    Here they are ready to go on the Drum. Using Kingsford Comp and Cherry wood chunks

    The chuck the next day, getting to room temp so I can throw it on the top rack of the drum

    Here’s the chuck about 5.5 hours later @ 161 degrees. Foiling with pepsi, parkay, and a lil more rub. Added a little salt at this point with some 3 Little Pigs Beef Seasoning

    Here’s the birds out of the drum @ 165

    Pre-shredded pic

    Nice light pink smoke ring on a piece of the breast

    Shredded down and ready for food saving

    After hitting 195, and resting for an hour, here’s the chuck unfoiled

    This thing was really tender. Much better quality than the Chucks I pick up @ Kroger

    Shredded like it was stewed

    Nice smoke ring

    For dinner we cooked some Wild Rice, and reduced some cream of mushroom. Used some of the chicken.

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    Everything looks delicious! Great job!
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    Great Job TD !!!

    Perfect !

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    That is outstanding!!!


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    Very good job, made me hungry just looking!
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    Nice Job, it all looks great...
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    Very nice,

    The bird looks great, and the smoke ring on the chucky............[​IMG]

    Awesome job my friend  [​IMG]
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    Man O Man that grub looks great.. Nice job

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