Chinese BBQ Chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by justpassingthru, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. justpassingthru

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    My smoking hiatus has come to an end, I can't lurk anymore late at night and just drool over all of your excellent Q-view, ...I need smoke, I need to smell smoke, I need to taste smoke, ...I need to build a fire!

    So here it is, Chinese BBQ chicken from a friend of a friend who is Chinese and has perfected his recipe, I marinated the boneless chicken 1/4s in his secret marinade for 4 hours, then on to the WSM with mango and guava wood for the smoke, ...I run her hot.


    Chicken cooks very fast at that temp so I mopped with the boiled marinade every 10 minutes, 35 minutes after putting them on the IT is 165° and not one degree higher, I take them off so as to not dry the chicken out.


    Whipped up some Kai Fan (fried rice) with frozen veggies, Chinese sausage and shrimp, plate, I love Chinese food and this chicken recipe is excellent, very juicy.




    Here ya go Bear, ...I really like this new camera.


    Before they serve any meat here they slice it up with a cleaver, pork, beef, or chicken, we made this "authentic."

    Thanks all for inspiring me to "make/take" the time to fire up the smoker and thanks for looking at my Q-view.

  2. oldschoolbbq

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        Looks amazing Gene [​IMG]. Now ,the recipe[​IMG].

  3. smokinal

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    Looks delicious Gene!   [​IMG]
  4. nwdave

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    Boy, when you get back on the smoking wagon, you grab the reins and whip them horses to a frenzy.  That is one great looking smoke.  Sure wish we had a hint of the "secret ingredients" so we could experience more closely your smoking joys............

    But you can tell us what the odor of mango and guave is:  Sweet and mellow??  Kinda like????
  5. venture

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    Another great looking smoke Gene.  You have the touch!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. realtorterry

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    Man what I would give for a plate of that!
  7. Winner!
  8. tyotrain

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  9. fester

    fester Smoke Blower

    Looks great!
  10. bmudd14474

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    That looks great. Id love to have a plate of that.
  11. grohl4pres

    grohl4pres Meat Mopper

    Looks really good.  Nice and juicy.  The rice was a great side to that dish.
  12. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Grohl, I agree on the rice.  I can't wait for fall to get some snow peas in the ground.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. meateater

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    Holy Clap...That some good flied lice and chiken!!!  [​IMG]      [​IMG][​IMG]
  14. daveomak

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    Gene, fried rice and chinese chicken are two of my favorite things...........Those look awesome................DO NOT SHARE the recipes, unless of course you are embarassed and feel it woud be the right thing to do............Look.....I'll show you mine if you show me that is........

  15. moikel

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     Dave OmakChinese community & western chefs down here have adapted a masterstock recipe for chicken,pork,squab pigeon. Poached slowly in masterstock. Drained ,cooled then flash fried in a wok. Originally it was served just poached over rice,some poaching stock, chinese greens on the side. I reckon you clever types could adapt it to give a burst of smoke as an adaption. Maybe over mango wood,or even with some chinese tea leaves to make it aromatic. Masterstock is meant to be reused so you would keep using it & topping it up reboiling it .Almost like one of those soudough mothers. Some are years old,you just take some as a base then rebuild with the other flavours for each new brew. My original is about 4 years old but I  freeze it. If you want my recipe say so its all yours.Ive been making it for years.
  16. justpassingthru

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    oldschoolbbq, Stan thanks for the compliment,

    Here's the recipe for all who have asked, I doubled the recipe:

    Chinese BBQ Sauce  -  Mr Joe Mah

    1/4 cup soy sauce (I used half dark and half light soy sauce)

    1/4 cup sake or wine (I used Pinot Gris)

    1 tsp hoisin sauce

    1 clove garlic minced or to personal taste

    2 Tbs Mirin

    2 Tbs raw or brown sugar

    1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger (it must be fresh and not powdered)

    Dash of Tabasco

    Dash of MSG

    I warmed the marinade to dissolve the sugar and placed in the fridge over night for the flavors to meld.

    There it is, it's super simple and not many ingredients, but each one adds it's own profile.

    Thank you AL.

    Dave, thanks, it's simple, along the lines of the Char Siu marinade, as for the flavor of the mango and guava wood that is like asking a blind man to describe the sunset, I found this hobby after I moved here so I'm not familiar with what your woods taste like, I can say the guava and rambutan are very mild, the mango is a tad stronger and goes good with chicken, Mediterranean Almond is strong, but goes good with beef, I hope that answers your question.

    Merv, thank you for the compliment, the "touch" has come from gleaning the posts of all the chefs like you here at SMF.

    Realtorterry, come on down, there is always an extra chair at our table.

    Big bob, thank you.

    tyotrain, thank you.

    Fester, thank you my CA brother, there is a tri-tip in the freezer that will find it's way onto the grill this week because of your thread.

    Brian, thank you and the offer is always open, you come and we will feed you.

    Grohl, thank you.

    meateater, thank you my Nevada brother (I lived in Gardnerville before I moved here).

    Dave, me too, I love Chinese food, what recipe do you have to share with me?

    Hey Moikel, my "down under brother" I thought you Aussies didn't use mango wood because it is from the poison ivy family, I'm glad to see you have tried it, ...what is this master stock you are talking about, over here they have a stock they add at the end of cooking in the wok to make a sauce.

    Thanks all for looking at my Q-view.

  17. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I have a lot of polynesian friends here in Aust.Good eaters.[​IMG]Wish I  could get them to eat less KFC. Masterstock is combo of soy sauces,chinese rice wine,rice vinegar,then garlic,ginger,star anise,coriander ,cardoman,yellow rock sugar ,cinnamon ,dried citrus peel, some other stuff I will have to check up,then plain chicken stock.Simmer whole chicken or other meat can then drain it let it cool & cleaver it then crisp it in a wok. It works well with pork belly,I have seen it down with squab but havent done it myself. Make a little pour over sauce from stock + BBQsauce. Put masterstock in freezer to resuse again & again. I have my version written down I will post it if you like but quantities will be a bit imprecise .Its pretty loose. But I reckon you could finish it on hot BBQ with a bit of flavoured smoke. There will be a way.
  18. boykjo

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    looks grrrrrrrrrrreat gene....................[​IMG]

  19. moikel

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    This is as loose as a long neck goose but its a feel thing at least the way I  do it is.Take about a litre chicken stock,add equal parts light/dark soy about a wine glass each,same of rice wine,2-3 tablespoons rice vinegar. Then decent lump fresh ginger chopped,2-3 cloves garlic,smashed,I stick lemongrass bruised,dried peel of an orange or mandarin,palm sugar or yellow rock sugar size of your thumb,couple of green tops of some spring onions,some chopped cilantro root. Then 2-3 star anise,fennel seed,coriander seed ,black peppercorns,1 stick cassia bark or cinnamon,1 large not too hot dried chilli. Bring it to gentlest of boils.  Add whole chicken or pork belly add water till covered. Simmer gently ,I said gently, for about an hour. Remove drain. NOW  you can serve it as it is now ,boiled ice ,greens drizzle of master stock Or pat it dry leave it to drain then chop it with cleaver & hit it with some high heat to crisp it. Great for pork belly In smoker with some flavoured smoke ,tea leaves maybe sauced with reduced stock + hoisin or char sui . Strain masterstock ready for next turn skim fat freeze in 2 parts & use as base for next time & rebuild to taste to do again. Hope this answered the question.
  20. bearcarver

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    Dang---I almost missed this Beauty!!!!

    Looks Awesome Gene!!!

    That camera is a keeper too, because that is outstanding BearView!!!



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