Chicken drumsticks

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  1. Don't like the idea of brine. Will a dry rub work? Or some other marinade?
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    Yep and Yep! The fun of smoking to me is trying different things and different methods. I like to inject wings with a combo of creole butter and hot sauce and I've done it with leg quarters too and they were Great! If you don't want heat the Cajun Injector creole butter is real good, it will add a lot of juiciness and a little spice. You should be able to find it at the grocery store next to the BBQ sauces and it comes with an injector.
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    I don't brine, or spritz my chicken. I usually use a simple rub SPPOG (salt pepper paprika on in and garlic). I cook at a higher temp to crisp the skin. 275-325 in the smoke chamber.
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    Good ideas there. Me I just smoke 'em, then bring 'em in and melt some butter, honey, salt, Tabasco, cajun power and "More Spice" in a big Tupperware bowl and just throw 'em in and shake shake shake. Take 'em out let 'em sit a min, and repeat. Started doing this with drum sticks when wings got so expensive.

    I swear the neighbors call each other when they see me putting drum sticks on the pit! Its a conspiracy!
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  6. Thanks fellows! Here is a picture of them seasoned will post more when I put them on smoker!
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    Lookin Good! Don't let the neighbors see the smoke!
  8. Kmack

    I'm thinking those are going to taste great.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looking good so far...keep the qview coming!

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    [​IMG]  , I'll watch for the finish...
  11. on the grill!

  12. Finished product juicy and good as could be!!!👌👍
  13. MY T FINE

    Happy smoken.


  14. Dinner!!!!🐓
  15. X2. That creole butter does yard bird justice.
  16. Here in Oklahoma. Lol got plenty!
  17. Looks great. I know your not far off. Thanks for the offer.

    Happy smoken.


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