chicken dogs using nepas recipe + experiment......

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  1. Went to sams club last nite. Boneless thighs were up to $2 per lb. I just let em keep em. Food city had thighs on the bone for $.99 so we're going that route tonite. Deboned them, skin in with bones for soup stock, meat definately has much more fat attached since a butcher hasn't had their paws on it. 

    So, for the meat/bone/skin breakdown, here's what we got.

    bone .55lb

    skin  .62lb

    meat  1.9lb

    pack was just over $3, so i'm still around $1.50lb for thighs, but I also have LOTS more fat + skin/bones for stock, whatever that is worth. 

    We're using nepas recipe he posted up a few days ago. 10yo liked that sound of it the best. 


    5 lb beef chuck ground

    4 t kosher salt

    1 t cure (if smoking)

    2 T dry colemans mustard

    1 T paprika

    1 t black pepper

    1 t mace ground

    1 t garlic powder

    1 t coriander ground

    1/2 t celery seed

    2 t liq smoke (opt) if not going in smoker

    1 cup water


    Didn't have any celery seed, so we're just going to have to make due without it. Got meat cut up, soaking up seasoning all nite, going to do a double grind on it, not going to emulsify, just a quick D/grind and into sheep casings. 

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  2. well, got it all ground up twice today, got it into the smoker to dry about 30 minutes ago, just put some smoke to em. pan fry and stuffer clean out fry test was great! daughter was actually excited to do these today. might be cause she picked the recipe. who knows, but I wasn't going to argue. here it is so far.

  3.  Now that chicken dog I would gladly eat.     [​IMG][​IMG]                                 Store bought chik-dogs, i wouldn't feed to my dog.
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    [​IMG]  Coming along nicely! 
  5. another shot, out of smoker and gettin ready to poach.

  6. goodness gracious. i just got my first bite after all the work. WOW, these are good. here's a shot, straight out of the poacher onto my plate. next round, i'm going to go ahead and grind up the skin from the thighs and see how it comes out rather than adding olive oil.

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    You gonna eat all that??? [​IMG]
  8. shoot yeah, its gone and got me some more along with some imported german winekraut and a nice OJ with some 10year old ukrainian vodka i've been saving for a special occasion
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    You're killing me! [​IMG]
  10. well come on down, you'll be here just after daybreak if ya git started. i'll leave the lite on for ya
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    Nice plump lookin dogs JC, I'm going to mix up a batch today or tomorrow!
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    Hey ... I have a house in Rose Hill near Middlesboro and one in Jonesville, VA right up the road another 15 miles ... I see you're in Tazzzz!
  13. small world huh? got a tazewell address but im over in hancock county. my addy used to be ewing va till the late 60's. went to school @ thomas walker. im about 4 miles south of TW, back of my property is the state line. 
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    Those look so good!
  15. thanks for all he compliments. glad yall like it. their a hitt here too. their 1/2 gone already![​IMG]
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  17. Dan, I truly don't remember for sure. Wife had got a pack of sheep casings at gander mtn cause she wanted hotdog size links instead of brat/hog casings. i did have blow outs when i made them. just part of working with sheep casings. i do have a 3/8 lem stainless tube. i do remember, they were a PITA to work with but have gotten better with them. opening them to rinse them is my biggest pain currently. to load them on the stuffer tube, i have a huge sheet pan that i put 2 cups of water in to keep em wet. after soaking em for at least a hour, i go ahead and pack the stuffer and into the frame. crank it till just a bit of meat comes out the end of the tube, at this point, i take the end of the casing from the wet casing which is already slid up under the stuffer tube, slide it right onto the tube. 

    i read your thread, i really believe your running into so much problems because of the tube size. a 3/8 tube will give you SOOOOO MUCH MORE SLOP ROOM for the casing to side. The reduction in friction will make your life with sheep casings much more pleasurable i think.
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    Thanks JC Yup looks like a 3/8 tube is the way to go.

  19. i  know its quite a expense to drop for a steenkin tube but in my prediciment it is what the dr ordered. it became painful after the funny wore off watching my (then 4y0) trying to eat a brat in a hog casing. thats why i went ahead and got mine. she enjoys brats, italian, polish, all of em so much better since she can put it in a off the shelf bun.

    now going to have to experiment with the cologin casings. i see them in my future i believe.[​IMG]
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    Nice job !

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