Chicken apple cheese plus breakfast.

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    Chicken Thighs all ground plus ingredients. First time grinding  chicken. Had to work up driveway(700feet) Wife ground chicken pieces I cut up earlier. Len Poli recipe. after grind put in salt and let stand for 3 hrs.  Then add other ingredients and grind again. Did not see a reason to grind second time in my opinion. Timeline is stuff next night. Does not say on recipe to let sit all night, but who cares. Keep it in fridge???

    All stuffed. This is not all, just what we grilled up

    Did a patty. Cheese spilt everywhere. Little ones are from stuffing tube left overs when ready to put on more casings. Not a pan sausage, but oh my goodness, what a flavor. Do this recipe.
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    Forgot to dReo the breakfast

    Get to recipe next. Did in patties 7.7 lbs. Forgot to do parchment paper. Oh well. Took a little elbow grease with spatula. They popped off.

    Vacuumed sealed above, seasoning for the ready, not good on pics here. Pop's simple recipe. 8 oz. salt. 4oz. pepper. 1 oz. sage. I added accordingly extra. Going to grams off  Ginger, 2.2 nutmeg,2.2 thyme1gr. to 3400 grams of meat and Wonderful. Cooked up patties for Breakfast sausage Through the week. Had biscuits and gravy. Good recipe.
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    Looks great! I have been trying a ton of Len poli's recipes lately. Good stuff!
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    Nice links.
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    Tasty looking sausages and breakfast patties! Cant go wrong using Fassett's breakfast mix as a base.

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    Looks good nice job on the links.


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    Thanks! lot of good ones on there. Shouldn't post when tired. Elimenated skins and everything in the *. Made soy protien isolate emulsion. 20%. Replacement of fat or skins. Perfect. It is supposed to give the mouth feel and all. Good way to go
    Thanks for the points!

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