Chesapeake Bay Fatty

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  1. Decided to make a fatty with blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay.  Used 1 1/2 lbs of crab, 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, a bit of onion and some Old Bay Seasoning.  Also included some fresh spiniach.  Turned out great, be sure and pick the shells out of the crab meat.  Next attempt will be a "Fatty Rockefeller" then a "Fatty Benedict".

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    Now that looks pretty darn good but I have a concern about the crab being cooked enough. The red meat doesn't look that done to me. Now I have gotten sick on seafood and it's not a pretty thing. So what temp did you take it to and how long was it at that temp????
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    That looks great to me. I'd assume the crab was already cooked when he assembled the fatty, so no worries about it being cooked enough. I've never heard of anyone picking meat from uncooked crabs anyway. The sausage does look kinda red, but it could be cured, or bad lighting making the pic look weird etc..... I'll make another assumption, to get the bacon that crispy at smoker temps it was in there long enough to cook the sausage. Can't wait to see the fatty Benedict!!
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    nice looking fattie Thumbs Up
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    Very nice!  This is on my list now. 
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    Looks delicious!
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    Great idea! Looks delicious
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    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. Thanks all.  Yes, the crab was pre-cooked, actually I believe that it was pasturized as well, which really kills the flavor along with the nasties, however you're correct to be careful with crabmeat as its a short distance between good and really bad.  I pulled the fatty with an internal temp about 170F so no worries there.  The red coloration is from the penetration of the mesquite smoke during cooking.

    Think that I've got a good handle on a fatty Rockefeller as that's mostly solids and should be easy to roll.  A fatty Benedict is another story however and will no doubt require some creativity as a proper Eggs Benedict requires a lightly poached egg.  I'm thinking about soft boiling several eggs and then rolling them up with a thicken hollandaise sauce or maybe making a mixture of diced boiled eggs, Canadian bacon and sauce... got any ideas?
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    Oh man!!! how did I miss this post earlier.  That looks awesome!!!!

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