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    I live in alberta canada. I am chef for a large church, non profit. I run a restaurant and cater plus campouts and other church events. I want to expand our menu options in all areas. I m looking to buy a smoker. Something that cud smoke bout 75-100 lbs of brisket. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the SMF Family, Shaun!!!

    Any preference on the fuel/heat source? Propane, charcoal and wood-fired gives good portability and can be used almost anywhere (unless there are fire code restrictions with a solid fuel cooker), but these require more frequent attention (in order of how I listed them being less to more). Electric offers the most ease of use for temperature control, but has the obvious limitations on where it can be used.

    Also, is cost an issue? There are wide price ranges with all of the different types of heat sources. Being you mentioned brisket, a larger grate size would be in order, unless you intend to smoke only flat/center cut brisket. Short of going to a commercial type of electric smoker, there are few vertical cabinet smokers capable of 100lbs of brisket (that's approx 1.5 cases of whole packers, or 7-8, here in the US), while many pits (horizontal) would be of more than adequate capacity. Of course the pits will be solid fuel fired, unless you make a propane conversion in the side fire box. I have a smoke Vault 24 propane, and it is large enough to fit up to 18lb packers, but only 2-3 per cook, roughly 50lbs (3 is crowding it unless I trim/separate the points and flats).

    Just giving you some things to think about here so you are more informed about what you may want to use for your intended purposes. Once you decide which type would best meet your needs, then we can seek out a manufacturer and model to fill that need. I'm not very familiar with the commercial electric rigs as far as which ones will have a high enough capacity and large enough grate size, but I'm sure there are others here who have knowledge in that area and can give you some good recommendations.

    Think it over and come on back...any questions or concerns come up, just shout out...we'll get you hooked-up.

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  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, forluvofsmoke gave you some good advice, lots of options out there to choose from.

    Gary S
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !

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