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  1. As you everyone did this weekend we smoked,bbqed,and cooked,but not in my life ever did I think that charcoal could have been cheap or thought I was getting ripped off until now. Rocks in the coal.

  2. I guess thats how they get an accurate weight.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    What Brand? That is no way to stay in business...JJ
  4. The brand is Home 360 it is sold at local grocery and is a Brand by Foodlion Grocery Stores. I sent a email to customer service corporate. Have not heard back yet. I prefer a charcoal wigh no chemical additives that is why I tried it.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    Foodlion got a lot of press for unethical practices some 20+ years ago. They were Bleaching stinky fish and chicken to get the funk off and repackaging with Blackening Spice or Rub and BBQ sauce as Grill Ready. I guess they didn't learn their lesson...JJ
  6. So talked to corporate Foodlion and they are giving me double my money back for this incident. Which I believe is fair,but I wasnt raised a dummy. So not going to buy that mistake again. Will go for the more well known brands.
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    Sucks it's come to this, sorry.

  8. Agree! Ahmen!
  9. delbbq

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    I use Royal Oak Lump and get the odd "Lucky Rock" in the mix..I don't think it's that big a deal..

    just like a bit of bone in ground meat..!!
  10. Wouldnt be a big deal if your buying 8.8 lbs of coal and 3lbs is rock.

    Kinda like buying gas at full price and its 50 percent water. Not good for the engine or the wallet.

    Just my opinion
  11. delbbq

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      Yes 3# is alot "Canadian" spelling"..The next bag might be what you want so don't give up on a good deal..I just

    don't see a manufacturer paying someone to put rocks in there product to piss people off and decrease their sales..??[​IMG][​IMG]

      Go Hawks..Seattle..!! 
  12. I agree ,but this company as seen in other posts has a major quality control issue. And when I talked to their corporate about the coal they said that they have a quality issue. Ive used others already recieved double my money back so bought 2 bags of the othees ive used all summer. Tried natural (lump) burns to hot for my smoking que style,but I have a decent company pretty pleased with.
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    Used to use Royal Oak but got tired of paying for rocks, pieces of fiberglass and dust. Besides, at $14 for 17 pounds it is pricey compared to the Lazzari or Au Carbon I use... $17 for 40 fiberglass and very little dust..
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  14. Where might you be able to pick those 2 brands up at?
  15. inkjunkie

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    Cash & Carry......think they are part of the Smart & Final chain

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