Charcoal plywood smokehouse

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  1. I am thinking even for Canada this may be excessive.  I made this with 3/4" plywood for the inside (leftovers from work).  2/4 ripped in half = 2X2 frame and stuffed with recycled insulation.  Two layers each 3/4" thick foil one side. (insulation came from a 1970's camper my dad stripped for the trailer.  Then a layer of 1/2" plywood to seal the deal. (My bro ditched at dad's) here's some pics


    I choose to use two layers with the shiny side facing in and out.


    Blocked out small space for my exhaust (so far build is at zero $$)


    K so at this point I have a full 1.5 inches of fiberglass insulation in all panels and the top and bottom. Haven't made the door yet.


    Still looking for a burner or an offset charcoal source.  As it stands she is 47.5"h front 43"h back 24"wide. Inner measures 19.5"x24"

    I'll keep you updated as I progress 
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    When I made my smoke shack I made it super insulated. Its probably 6 inches thick and it works great in the freezing cold winter.

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