Charcoal, Minion Method and a Lang

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by smokeon, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I've done a few smokes in my Lang 60 now. Latest was yesterday. I REALLY need to get a digi camera so I can Q-view these things. I did 4 chickens, 4 pork butts (Sam's had them for 97 cents/pound) and 2 hams. Everything came out great.

    What I'm finding is that I need to add wood sooner than every hour. I know that weather conditions may be contributing to the problem, it was about 30 degrees here yesterday. But if I kept the fire up, the temps maintained well. The good news is that I used up the last of the wood I got with the Lang -- a stack of old hickory. I think it was moist and moldy and has been causing me some problems with the smoke. The bad news is it's middle of winter and I'm out of wood.

    So for versatility, I've been thinking about using lump in the Lang. Really, what would be the difference between that and preburning my own wood other than cost? What I'm thinking about is making a large charcoal basket to go in the firebox. Possibly large enough to hold an entire bag of lump at one time. And then use the minion method to get a long slow burn.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this idea?
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    I dont preburn my wood for my Lang. I just keep the door open abit until the new woods catches up good...

    You gonna spend some cash using lump like that.....But if you got it then I think it would work...

    Winter time is the best time to buy wood except for maybe the fall around my house..Run an ad in the paper and see if you get any replies, with the economy teh way it is we see people selling truck loads of Hickory and Oak in town...

    Good Luck

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