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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tlhiv, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Hi folks,

    I've smoked several briskets, and they've all turned out very well (although the first one I smoked was still a little tough, but all since then have been very moist and tender).  The one complaint I've always had about brisket (both mine and others that I have eaten) has been the remaining fat cap still on one side of the brisket.  Granted, some of it has rendered down, but there's always some left.  This makes the presentation when slicing not as good (in my opinion).

    I've noticed that in competitions, many folks trim virtually ALL of the of the fat off of the surface of the brisket and just keep the fat and connective tissue that is within the inside of the brisket for moistness.  Also, there seems to be a trend when doing this to inject the brisket with a marinade.

    I would like to find out if anyone here trims ALL of the fat off the surface of the brisket and injects it?  If so, I would love to here some injection recipes.  I usually use Jeff's rub for the rub.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Troy,

    Keep the fat cap on. If you are cooking a full cut leave the flat & deckle connected trim loose fat and atc. As the fat renders it provides additional lubirication and moisture to the meat. I pan my brisket after about 4 hours to collect the yummy juices.

    While the meat is resting, skim the fat off the panned juices and retain. After resting and just prior to service seperate the deckle from the flat. You can pull or cube the deckle for garnish. Scrape the remaining fat cap and connective tissue from the meat. Then slice in quarter inch strips across the grain. Dredge slices through retained juices and plate. Add/spray/sprinkle juices to pulled beef for added moisture.

    fwiw, I do not use rub on brisket. Maybe a bit of salt & pepper or pepper based seasoning (Montreal steak is my current favorite). I really want the natural beef flavor to come through. I think that most rib rubs add flavor with all the spices. Great for pork, not so good for beef. Good beef has a natural flavor. There are many recipies for injections. As with rub becareful that what ever you use doesn't interfere with the natural beef flavor.

    Have fun.
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    When I smoke briskets all I trim is the hard part of the fat cap. I leave it on for the flavor. I have always thought of the fat as flavor. So like Iso says to trim it after the smoke and before the presentation and you will have your pretty brisket. Personally I like the taste over the presentation myself. Now that's my 2 pennies.

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