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    It's all my fault-I started a smoke this weekend which was pretty good. The batteries in the camera died, and it was an old enough camera that changing the picture size was a lot of bother. I have one pic of it before it (the camera) died.
    So tonight for the first time I thought (like the commercial for renting videos) hey! I can smoke during the week! (Niave)

    Easier said than done. After shopping for a leaf blower (which I have been waffling about for five years) I realized I needed to do something about supper.

    So I bought some Anahiem peppers(WHICH I WAS GOING TO Stuff, ..BUT), Jalapeno's. about 1/2 lb of shrimp and some lamb shanks (bet you wondered when the baby sheep would bleet!)

    The shanks were inedible, but I threw them in the skillet anyway for flavor. Which worked, actually. The dogs thought different. They wanted the bones. Not.

    I was reading the Farmer's almanac this weekend about the "eternal stew pot" the French had a couple centuries ago. Evidently, they had this big iron caldroun that was always on the fire. If a piece of meat was taken away, one was added. And so forth. Not necessarily always just the French in that regard.

    So anyway, we shredded about a pound of peppers, some shrimp. lamb shanks, oinions, and other assorted spices before stuffing some bell peppers and socking into the smoker.

    Lord help me if I didn't send a q-view. I meant to.
    However, this is the story:

    five Anahiem peppers
    three assorted bell peppers
    can mushrooms
    1/2 lb shrimp
    cut-up onion
    pckg spanish rice
    onion powder
    garlic powder
    soy sauce
    lamb shanks
    fried the above in a pan
    hollowed out the peppers and mixed the spanish rice together
    draped several pieces of bacon over them

    also-a dozen obt's split with cream cheese, sour cream, pizza cheese inserted. Laid them out with bacon on top-but wait! Too many leftover, shoved a shrimp into each one under the bacon!

    i will work on the picture size.

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