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  1. These traditional Croatian, skinless sausages are a knockout grilled over a charcoal fire. They are usually served with a relish called Ayvar, which is a mix of grilled capsicums, eggplant, garlic and seasoning, and with chopped red onions. Available all over the former Yugoslavia too, their recipes are closely guarded, and hard to get at ! This recipe is very close to what I think is the original, easy to make and will walk out the door, so I urge you to try them, and make enough  to avoid inevitable requests for more........


    250g Lamb 

    500g Chuck steak

    250g Pork leg

    4 Garlic cloves crushed

    5g Salt

    5g Baking Soda

    10g Cracked black pepper

    1.5g  Hot Paprika

    1 Beaten egg white           


    Grind meats through fine plate, add all ingredients, mix very well, and overnight in the fridge. If you  already have the sausage filler set up, extrude through 15mm tube. I was too lazy to set up my 7kg stuffer for a small quantity, so used a disposable plastic  piping bag. Cut to length, usually short, about thumb length, and grill, turning frequently. Nice to see grill marks on them.


    The ingredients, meats, spices mix and egg white


    Extruded using piping bag


    It was raining cats and dogs this day, so stove top grilled........ much better over charcoal[​IMG]

    The final product, very tasty ! Served here with home made BBQ sauce.

    Thanks for looking !
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    Good looking sausage smokeaddict  and I really like the pipping bag idea, thanks for sharing
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    They look delicious!

    Care to share the BBQ sauce recipe?
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    Used to eat them as part of a mixed grill at the original Balkan restaurant at Taylor Square way back in the day. You got pola pola which was pork neck,a lamb cutlet, coleslaw & potato salad. Gojaks butcher here in Haberfield does a great version & a lot of great smoked goods.
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    Forgot to say yours look absolutely spot on the money.
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    looks great [​IMG]
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    Great looking stuff!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. Al, thank you for the review, and for your interest in the sauce. My approach to sauces is that a sauce shouldn't be the star, the soloist, but be a harmonious part of the whole choir, singing the same song. So, I do not write a recipe as I make them, and this to me is what makes  a lunch/dinner unique. It also means I can never reproduce a great sauce again !

    I start with these basics;

    1 Cup Tomato sauce (not ketchup)

    2 tbs Tomato paste

    1 1/2 tbs French mustard

    This is heated and tasted. I add according to what I am using the sauce for, in this case it was Worstershire sauce, salt and pepper, brown sugar, half a cinnamon stick, a squeeze of lime, and a shot of cognac. At each addition the sauce is tasted, more added if required. Once I think its right, the sauce is simmered until it thickens and acquires that "cooked" flavour. In this case, the chevapis are heavy on garlic, so the garlic was omitted, but is usually added.

    Regards, Gus
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    Looks  great ! Nice job !
  11. Africanmeat,

    Had a look at your post, very similar aren't they ! The texture would be different with beef only, next time I have some left over beef, I am trying yours !

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    They look great
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    those former communist countries like Croatia make some great meat prodducts, glad that recipes are slowly spreadin..mmmmmm
  14. Nice chevapis Gus. I bet your sauce is better tasting than any Marco Polo ayvar.

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    Nice looking chevaps! I do these quite often.

    Today I'm doing a batch as kebabs with a mix of beef/pork/veal.
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    Great idea on the pastry bag.
  17. They look delicious. Looks like a good recipe.
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    That is going on my bucket list [​IMG]
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    Here's a pic of the kebab style.[​IMG]
  20. Looks good! Gonna have to try these.

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