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    Well tomorrow I'll be having the family over for an early celebration.  Unfortunately, this is the first fathers day without mine (I know a week early, but the only time we could all get together) and in grand remembrance of him I'll be smoking up some ribs; with his rub that I learned how to make from him when I was in my teens, a tenderloin fillet-ed and stuffed (with my own recipe), some brats and maybe a chicken if they are on sale.

    I'll follow up with how things turned out and if I figure out how to, maybe a pic or two. 

    Just thought I would post this, as a reminder that next week is a day to remember and celebrate how we got here.  For me and my love the the grill, smoker, open pit, under ground pit and all of the other ways of using my thumbs with fire and flesh I can attribute to my dad, hope you all have found memories as well!
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    Welcome from SC. It's really god to have you here. Best of luck with your cook tomorrow. My dad was sick from the time that I was 9 years old, so we didn't go fishing or hunting or play ball. But he did teach me how to cook outdoors and those times were wonderful.

    I'll remember you and your dad tomorrow. Mine has been gone 31 years. Good smokin', Joe
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    My dear ol' dad taught me everything he knew about outdoor cooking.  ...Did most of his cooking on a green Weber Kettle. He was good!

    As a kid,  I'd stand with him in the backyard watching every move.  He's gone now.  But now Ive got a green kettle on the patio. I think of him every time I cook on it. B
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    Here's to all the Dad's who won't be with us on Father's Day this year!  [​IMG]

    I sure miss mine!

  5. gearjammer

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    Well, Al said pretty much all of it.

    I'm surely not good enough with words to improve on it.

  6. lancep

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    I lost my father at seven, but a couple years later, my Dad stepped in. Of course He seriously shorted me. He grew up in Elm City, NC eating whole hog with vinegar and pepper and all he ever did was chicken and burgers on the kettle. This is me just giving him a good “ribbing”[​IMG]but I do keep telling him there’s potential for a good father son moment. He hasn’t taken me up on that yet but maybe next year. My condolences for your recent loss, I hope everything was excellent.

  7. sauced

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    Well said and I really miss mine as well.

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