Cart options for an MES or Smokin it?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by gitnby, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. As I posted earlier, I took an old Marine-grade fridge that was taking up space on my pontoon boat and used it as a cart/storage for my MES 30.

    Now, I'm ordering a Smokin it Model #2 and wanted something similar that I can store stuff in (wood chunks, foil, thermometers, etc)

    The SS cart that Smokin it sells is nice, but no cabinet,  just open shelf.

    Was thinking this might work?

    Plenty of storage, and it's already on wheels and it's under $100.

    The top measures 20W X 22D with leaves down, so the smoker should fit. (17 1/4 X 21.5)

    With the casters removed, the smoker should sit on there just fine?

    The cart is 34" H, so that would put the top right at 58" or just under 5 foot tall.

    I don't think the resin top would be affected by the heat since the drip pan shields the bottom, but I guess I could put some ceramic tiles or a cut-to-fit grill mat under the smoker?

    What do y'all think?
  2. Looks like it should work fine.

  3. Did you end up getting that plastic cart?

    I've got that cart, and its pretty flimsy.  The doors barely open/close because of flexing. might be a little more stable w/o the wheels, but i wouldnt trust it.  Maybe if you bolt it to some plywood for a better footing... 
  4. No, actually I didn't.
  5. johnnytex

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    I got this:

    And it works great on #2.

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