Cant get my flats tender

Discussion in 'Beef' started by waytoodeep03, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Bought a Wagyu brisket last night. Probe checked it from 185 all the way through 210 when I finally pulled it. . The flat would just not get probe tender even at 210 and this was a wagyu from strube. I just could not understand it. It was only a 10 pound and took 14 hrs to get to 210. 

    Out of frustration I pulled it. Because it was a Wagyu it still was pretty good even though it wasn't probe tender like it shouldve been. Point was extremely rich and marbled in fat. Wife and I could only eat about 3 burnt end pieces before we called it quits
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    Hmmmm, what temp did you use? Did you foil it at 165* with added liquid?

    I never Pull Brisket---I pull Chuckies at 205*, and slice Brisket at about 190*.

    Somebody else should be able to help you with pulled brisket.

  3. sorry to hear it didnt come out like you wanted. expensive lesson there. lol. brisket slicing is in the 190 area. were you using a toothpick or ??? normally i dont probe my brisket til about 205*...and at that temp every single one of my packers feel like butter. 210* seems a little high for a wagyu but then again ive never worked with wagyu beef. too rich for my blood. and your flat will never feel as soft as the point when it comes to tenderness...not enough fat in the flat.
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    What are you using for measuring your temp? Have you tested it to make sure that it is accurate? To me it sounds like your therm may be off. I've never cooked a Wagyu brisket but have cooked Wagyu steaks and they were like butter. Was there much marbling to the meat? I have heard that most Wagyu briskets have quite a bit of marbling. The only other thing i can think of is that it was just a tough piece of meat.
  5. idk DS..for the price of wagyu brisket, it had better not be
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    A bunch of posts that I have read about Wagyu brisket have said that they felt it wasn't worth the price as the flavor and texture was about the same as normal brisket. [​IMG]
  7. yeh i hear ya, was just ribbin...the whole point of Q'n is to turn those bad cuts into heaven...right?...ive had a angus prime and im 99.9% sure ive recreated that same taste and texture with a choice brisket. im not one to drop coin on something like wagyu. to be honest it really just looks unappealing to me. ive had kobe beef in kobe japan and still wasnt impressed...

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