Canadian bacon challenge - dry cure vs brine - side by side test

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  1. My latest batch of Canadian bacon I decided to do a direct comparison of dry vs wet cure. I took 2 loins & cut each into thirds.

    For the dry cured pieces I made Shooter's version, pepper bacon & left one plain for comparison. I used TQ for the dry cure.

    For the wet cure I used the brine recipe posted by Pops - everyone seems to like it & it is easy to make.

    Dry cured loin in the baggies wet cured in the bucket.

    This was my first time doing a wet cure so I didn't add any extra spices to it. I also cut each piece in half to make sure it had cured the whole way through. Looks fine.

    Into the fridge to form a pellicle. Tomorrow I will smoke them.

    Updates to follow...
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    Standing by...
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    Jeremy, morning.... Looking good.....  [​IMG].. I'm in ...   Dave
  4. I am smoking some ribs & taters for lunch right now. They will come out at 12 & then it will be time for the bacon to go in [​IMG]
  5. Ok I am completely stuffed from the ribs but I managed to get the bacon going. It had a nice pellicle after sitting in the fridge overnight. I loaded the AMNPS with hickory pellets this time.

    Smoking away nicely in the MES. Dry cured bacon above brined bacon below. Updates to follow...
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    I'm in.. wanna see what your thoughts are both ways
  7. Well the bacon is coming along nicely so far - been in a little over 4 hours. Smoker temp staying right around 60* It's getting really windy here & blowing lots of fine snow around. I took a rubber band & covered the smoker control with some plastic just to be safe. Updates to follow...
  8. Still smoking away  [​IMG]
  9. Ok just took the bacon out of the smoker. Put it into the fridge to rest overnight & I will do the side by side comparison tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates & the final results...
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    Looks good will interested in the results. I normally cold smoke my CB for 4 hrs, then take it up to 145*F so will be interested in how just cold smoking goes. Did you do a fry test prior to smoking?
  11. I've cold smoked my CB every time I've made it. I think it takes the smoke MUCH better that way but that's just me... I didn't fry test the dry cured this time (I have every other time & it has always been fine) I did a fry test on the brined though & it was ok.

    EDIT:  I didn't take a pic of the fry test & forgot to put it in my post...
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  12. Ok here we go. I used the plain dry cured CB & the brined CB.

    Dry cure on the left wet cure on the right...

    Dry cure on the bottom wet cure on the top...

    Closer view of the dry cure...

    Closer view of the wet cure...
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    Looks Great!!! Just had BBB and eggs, now I'm hungry again!!!
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    Looking great, can't wait to try wet brine on my next batch.

  15. Thanks guys! I recruited 2 extra judges for this event as well so I could have some unbiased opinions - they should be here soon...
  16. While waiting on the guest judges to arrive I decided to slice up the bacon. I got out the beastly Hobart 1712 & put it to work. I used the automatic feature & while it was slicing I got each type of CB ready. A few minutes later I was all done. Each time I use that slicer I am even happier that I stumbled upon it  [​IMG]

    Shooter style dry cured CB

    Pepper CB dry cured

    Plain dry cured CB

    Wet cured CB

    Close-up of the wet cured CB

    Close-up of the plain dry cured CB
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    i cant wait to see what the judges think. I have only dry cured CB so far.
  18. While waiting I vacuum sealed some of the bacon.

    I put 2 days worth into each bag & did 3 bags each of brined & dry cured. The rest will get eaten well before it goes bad[​IMG]
  19. The judges have finally arrived!  [​IMG]
  20. dirtsailor2003

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    Let the judging begin!!!!

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