Canadian bacon and Pulled Pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by king salmon, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I started with a pork loin a week ago and put it in a brine and took it out and rinsed it after 7 days


    The previous evening I rubbed up a bone-in pork shoulder for the pulled pork and fired up the smoer the next morning.


    I had cut the loin into three pieces so all four hunks of meat went on at 225 degrees.


    I smoked it with Kiawe wood my buddy shipped over from Hawaii.  I had never smoked with it before but I was very impressed with it.



    The Canadian bacon was smoked to 160 degrees and removed to rest.  The pulled pork (shoulder) was smoked to 160 and then double wrapped in foil and put back in the smoker.


    Canadian bacon resting while the pulled pork continues to cook


    I ran the Canadian bacon through the slicer


    The pulled pork was cooked to 205 degrees in the foil


    And then it just fell apart when I got near it with forks


    I finished it in three batches: regular BBQ sauce; Carolina Kicker vinegar sauce; and, Carolina Gold.  Served it on sourdough bread from the Seattle Sourdough Company.


    Thanks for looking!
  2. thoseguys26

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    Looks mighty tasty! I am going to have to go eat some meat now!
  3. tdwester

    tdwester Fire Starter

    Very nice looking!!
  4. harleysmoker

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    Damn, very nice! Looks Great!
  5. johnnie walker

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    King Salmon, the PP and CB look yummy! [​IMG]  Great job.
  6. jrod62

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    it all looks so good [​IMG]
  7. smokinal

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    Everything looks fabulous! Great job!
  8. Good eats and good job!
  9. gersus

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  10. miamirick

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    wow that looks great   snow looks a little deep  almost like here  


    HAPPY SMOKING!!!!!!!!
  11. sprky

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  12. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nothing wrong with that except all the snow!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. Thanks for the compliments!  We got about 4.5 ft of snow in 8 days.  It usually snows a lot here but that was quite a bit more than norma for just over a weekl.  I spent a lot of the time while the meat was smoking knocking ice of the roofs since the weather hasn't been right for them to slide.

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