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    Hello SMFers,

    Well...I'm taking my smoking on the road! I recently purchased a used ECB that I can pack for the cottage trip this weekend. I made the usual mods (reverse the legs, small charcoal grill in fire pan, holes in fire pan, etc).

    I finished rubbing down two 6lb butts with Jeff's rub today and wrapped 'em up. I also rubbed down 10 racks of baby back. I whipped up a vat of Jeff's sauce and JJ's Finishing Sauce. I've got 4 large bags of coal and lots of wood chips. I'm cooking for 25!

    Can anyone offer a suggestions to how to transport the meat safely? I'm traveling roughly 2 hours and there is a fridge at my destination. I've got coolers...and towels...just not sure the best/safest method.

    Any smoking suggestions for the ECB are welcomed too!

  2. Ice chest will work fine. Wrap the meat up real well add some ice and hit the road That is probably enough meat mass. To hold temp with a icechest packed then wrapped in towels. Have a fun safe weekend.

    Happy smoken.

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    Thanks! Do you mean...wrap up the food, put on the bottom of ice chest, add ice, then pad with towels? Or should I wrap the food with towels and then add ice?
  4. Cottage trip. [​IMG]  Since I now live in the U.K. I know what ya talkin bout but I NEVER heard the words cottage or village actually being used until. I came here.  Anyway.  The best way is to put your meat straight from the fridge in sealed containers, into a cooler, and fill with ice.  If you don't have enough plastic containers, or large enough plastic containers; wrap with several layers of cling film ( plastic wrap for our 'Merican friends ).  Try to place the meat in the cooler so that water from the melting ice can't get to the meat.  You should be good to go.  Good luck.  Have a GREAT weekend.  Keep Smokin!

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    Thanks for the feedback folks!
  6.  Plan 1. Don't use the towels if you use ice. The mass of the meat wrapped in towels should stay cold for the 2 hout trip inside of an ice chest.

    Plan 2 put ice on bottom of ice chest. put plastic wrapped food on top of ice. So as to not get wet as ice melts. Then close the lid and hit the road.

    Happy smoken.

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    Beauty! Can't wait. Thanks.

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