Can I overcure a ham ?

Discussion in 'Curing' started by ioulord247, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Well, I am curing a black forrest style ham and due to circumstances it will cure about twice the recommended time.I have been curing my hams 1 day per 2 lbs , or 6 days for this weight of ham ( 11 lbs ), but will end up being cured for 12 days. I did notice on my last ham with this cure recipe that I cured it for 2 extra days and there was a nickel size spot in the ham that wasn't cured like the rest. I thought it best to ask the advice of you experts [​IMG]  .... better safe than sorry ! Thanks
  2. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't cure by weight. You need to cure more by the thickness of the meat. The cure has a penetration rate per day (1/4in?) and it needs to proper amount of time based on the thickness. You could cure a 3 lb loin and a 6 lb loin in the same time if they were both 3 inches in diameter. The only thing that would change is your volumes of ingredients. This would explain why you had a nickle size uncured portion of your last ham. There's a How-to on here for Pop's wet cure that's a great tool for getting it right every time. I'll try and find it.

    Edit: Here's the link

    Just realized I didn't answer your question. Yes you can. I'd imagine something over cured would be very salty. But again, you may not be over curing depending on the thickness of the piece.
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    I've never done a wet cure of ham or bacon BUT I recall reading a post about 'you can't overcure but you can definitely undercure'. So, probably much like a pickle....once fully pickled through it is what it is...fully pickled and won't pickle anymore. But, I agree, better safe than sorry so if info is lacking here from posters PM someone like Pops for a definitive answer......Willie
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    Folks that dry age/cure, leave the meat hanging for years.... So no, you can't over cure, like Willie noted.....
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    Also, what recipe are you using that recommends 1 day per 2#'s...... Internet or book recipes are known to have glaring errors...
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    This is the cure I am using, I really like it better than a regular cure.

    - 1 gallon water
    - 1 1/2 cups kosher salt
    - 1 1/2 packed cups dark brown sugar
    - 1 cup molasses
    - 4 tbsp cure #1
    - 1/2 cup  pickling spice
    - 2 slightly crushed cloves garlic

    - ! 12 oz can of stout or extra stout beer

    I found it online  I know a real black forest ham is dry cured but this is a close counterfeit recipe :). I sure wish I could get Juniper berries here in the Philippines though, that is the only thing lacking from the original recipe , but I am happy with this recipe and like the flavor it gives.I am using avocado wood to smoke it .

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    The amount of cure #1, you are using, is good for 60#'s of meat/liquid.... On line recipes can be dangerous.....

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