Can anyone say "Weber?"

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dan hammel, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I am planning on smoking a Turkey on my Weber Performer. I have been reading on this sight and almost everyone suggest 300 to 350. My Charcoal GOSM is difficult to maintain at that temp, so I'm planning to use indirect heat/smoke with the Weber. The Weber cook book suggested putting it in a pan with chicken broth and vegtables. Then later straining the veggies to make gravey. This seems weird...

    What do you think?

    This is my first time at posting anything...I tried to upload the pdf recipe.
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    One thing I have learned is that you really can't go wrong with Weber. I own two grills and one smoker, and they are all Weber. I love their grilling cook book too. I've read alot about putting turkeys in a pan with juice. However, I just smoked a turkey last week and put cut up fruit in the birds cavity. I placed the turkey directly on the rack, but placed a pan under it to catch the drippings. I will tell you this, if you brine the bird and smoke it right, you will have no need for gravy!! One thing I've heard about placing the bird in a pan while cooking is that it blocks some of the smoke from reaching the bird. Something to think about.
  3. I've cooked my turkeys on my Weber for many years now and they always turn out great!
  4. Since I've never smoked one before, I guess I think I need gravey to lube the "De-Juiced" oven bird. I agree with the smoke block theroy.
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    My sister/brother in law smoke one every year on their Weber. Always good.

    Might want to keep on the lower side for longer time, but just be sure to monitor the internal temp and pull when done.

    Be careful with the indirect, they never did, but I'd pull the coals from the baskest and just make a pile on either side keeping the heat far enough away from the bird so the skin doesn't burn.

    She brined one once, it was good too, but not sure it was that much better.
  6. Do you mean a pile of charcoal on one side or the other or on both sides?
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    When I do a Beef Tenderloin, I do it on just one side, but I think due to the size of a turkey and the shape of the Weber, I'd do some on both sides and just pile it up the sides. It won't breathe as well but that is ok, it will keep the temp in line.

    And I just read more posts on this, and keep it at 300-350 for the crisp skin.
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    Brine that bird and surround it with taters, carrots, onions, yams and let them all get basted in the juice. Sounds wonderful to me! Pot Roast Turkey!

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