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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by aintrite69, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. aintrite69

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    Hi, my name is Will and I live in Folsom, CA. I'm a big fan of outdoor cooking. I do it at least 3-5 times a week year around. My wife has just purchased me a Smoke Hollow 4-1 PS9500 gas, infrared, charcoal, and smoker unit. I have done all the modifications to it that I could find and am now just waiting on the high temp gasket and caulking to cure, so I can cure the rig and get to using it. I plan on using the smoker often and I have right at about 0 smokeing experience. I bought a couple of books and I see there is a wealth of information on this site. I should have a good starting point. Thanks for reading.
  2. timberjet

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    Welcome to the site. I would suggest you sign up for the free e-course jeff has here. It is free and gives you a very good starting point for some good smoking. 
  3. bworthy

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    Hey Will, welcome to the forum. I would have never thought I would see another person from Folsom on SMF! This is a great site full of information that has been very useful to me in my new hobby. :welcome1:
  4. aintrite69

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    I was actually thinking of enrolling in the e-course.

     And Bworthy, it's a small
  5. Hey Will, welcome to the forum from a rainy East Texas

    gary S 
  6. cmayna

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    Welcome to SMF.  You will learn a lot here.  Lots of good people with tons of experience.
  7. noboundaries

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    Welcome from Roseville! There are quite a few SMF members from the greater Sacramento area. DIY is the only way to get great Q in this area.
  8. I'm a stones throw from you guys, near the I80/Bus80 split (unfortunately, the wrong side of the tracks).


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