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    Hi guys,

    I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP, everybody in my family loves HOT SMOKED MACKEREL, but every source I check out saying

    that  internal temperature of hot smoked fish need to be 160*F.

    I have small problem with internal temperature 72*C.(160*F)

    Author of '' Great Sausage recipes and meat curing'' Rytek Kutas recommend : Place mackerel

    in 24 – 26*C (75 - 80*F) and smoke for about 5 hours, then increase temperature to 104*C (220*F) for 2 hours.

    Result : mackerel taste good (A LITLE BIT ON THE DRY SIDE), but look terrible (Cavity wide open, skin broken.)  I used different method.

    Smoke for hour T*-70*C (158*F),  then T-80*C (176*F) for 30 minutes. Internal temperature – 54*C ( 130*F) fish look beautiful, but because of internal temperature, I increased temperature to 93*C (200*F)  for another 30 minutes

    Result: Internal temperature 72*C (160*F) ,but fish taste good, but LOOK TERRIBLE, and I just ashamed to give it to my sons  or my brothers families.

    Please help


  2.  I've never smoked mackerel, but I smoke my salmon to an IT of 145*F.  Is 160* a food safety issue or is it more for texture?

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