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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by knoxcj6, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I am finally buying my first Pellet smoker/grill and need some help.  I have been reading about pellet smokers for a while and have a few friends with them.  Im next!!!!  I am looking for a Something that i can grill and smoke on.  I want something that can get hot enough to sear and also can also function as a nice smoker with even heat and great smoke flavor. 

    You guys are the welth of knowledge so i would like to see what you guys think of the three I have narrowed it down to or if you have any other recommendations. The three smokers I am looking at right now are

    Yoder YS480 (or 640)

    Memphis Advantage

    Cookshack Fast Eddy PG500

    I am really intrigued about the PG500 but can not find that much info about. let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help  
  2. duanes

    duanes Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    I don't have any personal experience with these smokers but those that have Yoders seem to be very satisfied with them.

    As to searing, I don't know any pellet smoker that is going to get you real searing - most top out around 400-480 degrees.  My Traeger does great for low and slow and higher temps for chicken, turkey, etc.,. but I use the searing burner on my kenmore for grilling.
  3. mossymo

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    Glad you joined us KnoxCJ6, welcome to SMF!

    I have a Yoder YS640 and highly suggest it for the following reasons that I found in my research comparing other models.

    - 150º to 600º temps; has a heat plate that provides even temps across the grate for smoking, an adjustable baffle below the neat plate to enlarge or decrease the size of the hot or warm side of the grates and remove the heat plate and use GrillGrates for top quality searing.

     - 313 lbs for a total weight, compare that to the competitors. This is made with 10 gauge steel for the entire cooking area.

    - computerize firmware with free upgrades that control the temperature and auger feed as it is needed for the outside ambient temperature. This is not a low, medium high setting... it monitors and adjusts itself for outside temps and other exterior conditions.

    - Base model is $1299 and I feel the best bang for your buck!

    Check out this review that was done on the prototype YS640 model -

    Look forward to your future posts and look forward to seeing what you choose...
  4. smokinal

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    Welcome to SMF! Glad to have you with us!

    Do us a favor & update your profile info to include your location, then head over to roll call & introduce yourself so we can all welcome you. Thanks!
  5. nepas

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    If i had those 3 choices i would go with the Yoder
  6. Thanks for he help and warm welcome.  i updated my profile and also put a note on the roll call page 

    Do any of you know anything about the Cookshack Fast Eddy PG500

    it is really intreaguing to me  but i am having a hard time getting much info or reviews on it
  7. I also didnt know if the guys on the wood smoker form would have any input would it be worth posting over there.  where do your pelletheads hangout.
  8. woodscomp

    woodscomp Fire Starter

    I find this Yoder to be just plain sexy, if I were to get a pellet grill this is what it would be.

  9. I saw the Yoder next to some other popular brands at the Jack this year.   If I had the ca$h that's where I'd put it.
  10. Well the decision has been made

    The Cookshack Fast Eddy PG500 was my decision

    it really came down to this and the Yoder.  I am bummed it is going to be 4 weeks before it is shipped.  It will be worth the wait.  lots of cooks to plan.  Thanks for the help guys 
  11. duanes

    duanes Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    Looking forward to hearing about your first experiences with it!
  12. mossymo

    mossymo Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Congrats! Will be looking forward to your thoughts on the Cookshack Fast Eddy PG500 after you have used it a few times...
  13. mossymo

    mossymo Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Just curious if you have received your Fast Eddy yet and if so what you think of it? I heard through the rumorville that Fast Eddy is have problems delivering in the 4 week window promised and am curious if you are one of them.
  14. How is your Fast Eddie Cookshack PG500 working out? I have been reading reviews and I am close to ordering.
  15. Sorry it took me so long to find this thread...but I've heard great things about the cookshack

    ...that being said...I'm definitely a cookshack guy (though not a pellet smoker...yet...), so my info may be skewed by the folks I talk to...

    the info here on the yoder sounds really promising though...

    ...I'd be interested, as would others, in hearing about your experiences on your new cookshack!!
  16. tjohnson

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    I'm curious too, how the CookShack Pellet Smoker is working???
  17. otis857

    otis857 Smoke Blower

    Knox, Im curious too.

    Im in the same boat as you were. I'm looking to step up from my Masterbuilt gasser to a quality cooking utensil and came up with the GMG Jim Bowie (made in China), FE PG500, or the Yoder YS640. Im really interested in your impressions. Tons of people rave about the Yoder, but it would be great to hear from an actual user of the FE.
  18. I am facing the same dilemma.  Can't decide between the Yoder YS480 or the Cookshack PG500.  Anything you can add would be appreciated.  Pros and Cons of each.  Thanks.
  19. I am in your same shoes.  Can't decide between the YS480 or the PG500.  Anything that pulled you to one or the other (pros and cons) I would love to hear about.  Thanks.
  20. Would love to hear about your experience with the PG500 as I'm on the fence between it and the Yoder.

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