Buy a kit or piece it together?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by inkjunkie, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. inkjunkie

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    Planning on building a UDS soon. Need to make a trip to Idaho to get a barrel or two. Have a neighbor that has some sort of media blasting equipment, Mike will blast the barrel if I make him some ribs. Like the idea of a kit (easy) but after looking at several builds here would no doubt be incorporating some of those ideas so worried much of the kit will not be used. Decisions decisions......
  2. Hello.  Just my opinion but since you have an idea of what you want I think you would be better off with self build.  I agree that if you start to try to customise a kit the cost of the kit may have been a waste.  Keep Smokin!

  3. chiefusn

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    You'll probably save money piecing it out. It might take a bit longer to get it up and smoking, but you'll have a better since of pride I think. Especially if you have the tools and mechanical abilities to build it yourself

  4. c farmer

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    I bought the big poppa basket and pieced everything else.

    The poppa basket is worth the money.
  5. I bought the Big Pappa Shield, Bottle Opener, Side Handles, and Basket Lifter. I should have gotten the Cooking Grate for my Diffuser to set on for $16.

    I had the basket built using a new Charcoal Grate for a Weber 22.5. I had the sides made from Large Hole Expanded Metal 12 inches tall. I got a piece of probably 3/16 SS rod for the Bale. I used 4 each 1/4" Bolts 4 Inches long to hold the Pizza Pan  "Ash Pan". I used fender washers on both sides of the Grate, and 4 each 3" pieces of SS Tubing for the bolts to go through as stand offs between the grate and the ash pan.

    For the Cooking Grate holders, I used 1/4" SS screws 1.5 Inches long. Install with the head inside the barrel. Install a SS Acorn Nut on the outside, and an SS Nut and Loc Washer on the inside the barrel.

    I installed 4 sets of holders. The bottom set for a Diffuser. Cooking Grate with Pizza Pan on it with a few holes in the pan.

    I got 2 Weber Replacement 22.5 cooking grates at Lowes.

    I used a Dome lid on my build.

    For the Air Intakes I have 90 deg elbows Male on one side and Female on the other. I used a Brass 3/4 Pipe to Garden Hose adapter with a Garden Hose Brass Cap for a plug for 2 intakes.

    I have 30" long rigid Pipe up the side held with a SS U-Bolt near the top. On top of the Pipe I have Full Flow 3/4" Ball Valves, again with 3/4 Pipe to Garden Hose adapters with Brass caps.

    Probably over kill, but I like it.

    I have not ordered a Maverick 732 so far. When I do I will put Brass Probe Ports in the side using Brass Hose Barbs.

    I have not added a shelf so far. A shelf is handy, but messes up using a Kettle ot Vertical smoker cover.

  6. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Got any pictures of it all Sir?

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