Butt's, Baby Back's & Boudin (and other stuff)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gary s, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. A friend of my Wife's called the other night and wanted to know how much I would charge to smoke meat for them, I said just bring over what you want smoked and I would be happy to smoke it for them, soooooo  yesterday they brought over a pork shoulder, two racks of med spare ribs and a bunch of sausage. I had a butt I was going to smoke so I went ahead and picked up two rack's of Baby Back's one rack of St. Louis, sausage, boudin and hot links.

    I rolled out of bed at 4:30 put on the coffee, got out the Butt's and fired up the smoker. Rubbed the Butts with a little mustard and my rub, and on the smoker at 5:10 using charcoal and Pecan today Smoking at 225º

    Butts Rubbed

    Trusty ole starter

    Warming it up

  2. Two hours in , spritzed with apple juice and picture   clicking along at 225º

  3. grillmonkey

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    I'm holding you personally responsible for my growling stomach and this darn drool on my shirt!
  4. bearcarver

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    Great Start, Gary!!![​IMG]

    I can see I'll be stopping in here numerous times today, tonight, and tomorrow!!!


  5. Thanks Bear,  I am about 4 hours in right now just added a little more charcoal and another split. I post more pictures when I start prepping the ribs and getting the beans ready, Already made the slaw, going to get the tater salad underway here shortly 

    Gary S
  6. Gary it looks good so far. your going to have a happy smoker after you get it loaded.


    Happy smoken.

  7. rob sicc

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    It's nice of you to help out the smoker impaired!  lol

    But really, nice smoke going there.  I like the size of your smoker also.  I am looking forward to seeing it packed with all of the other meats you mentioned.  That will be impressive to see your time amnagemnt skills.  lol  I'm still very new so I'm sure I would try cooking different meats that require different times unless I plan to eat each one as it finishes rather than trying to get them all to finish at the same time.  Good luck.

    I will be checking in numerous times today to watch your progress.
  8. O K   here is the bacon and onion for the beans and the beans ready to go on the smoker, Butts been on about 5 hours

  9. Thanks David, kinda what I was thinking, Butts look lonely , they will be getting some company shortly 

  10. c farmer

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    That's a big pot of beans.

    Lookin great.
  11. Beans are looking good,

    Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.

  12. Almost had more Beans than Pot !!!!

  13. I'll be getting the ribs ready shortly, Waiting on my Apprentice who wanted to learn, First thing to learn is be on time.

  14. rob sicc

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    ROFL.  looking forward to more pictures.
  15. Here are the beans and Butts, almost 7 hours on the butts

  16. Sorry, falling down on my job, Had company and my Apprentice showed up late, Was going to take pictures of the prep, got side tracked so here they are already on the smoker   (Butts don't look so lonely now, be wrapping ribs around 3:00  More pictures then.

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  17. rob sicc

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    Now those are some nice pictures. Nice Gary.
  18. Thanks, Rob    Here are the Ribs Being wrapped

  19. bearcarver

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    That's a Happy Smoker!!![​IMG]

    Lots of great looking stuff in there!!![​IMG]

    Be Back!


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