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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nick, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Hey Folks,
    Just getting around to posting my July 4th. party which happened on the 5th. We had 75 people total and had a blast. Of course the smoker was the guest of honor. I did pork butts (19 lbs), ABT's.. (creme cheese, minced onion, and seasonings wrapped in bacon), 14 racks of BB ribs, a 4 lb fattie...(ground chuck stuffed with onions, peppers, and chedder cheese), 5 lb eye of round...(injected with a honey/BBQ/bacon marinade), a 6lb pork loin...(same injection), 8lbs sausage, and some of the chicken in the smoker. I used Hickory and Cherry wood mostly with some pecan for the smoke. We also had pork chops, chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs on the grill. Lots of sides including jambalaya, baked beans, slaw, and a veggie casserole and greenbeans. We also had a blue cheese tater salad that our friend brought that was outstanding! I TRIED to take a lot of pics but ended up with just a few. I'll post them in 2 or 3 postings. Thanks to the guys in the chat area with helping me with temps and suggestings with the loin and eye of round roast.
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    Looks like you had your work cut out for you. I do not mind that kind of work at all. There's not much better than a yard full of friends and family enjoying some great food. Awesome looking spread you got there too.
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    I wanna come to ur house,...not to pary but to learn to cook......we did about 25 people and all I did was a sixteen lb brisket, some hot links,hamburgers,hot dogs,tater and mac salad ...ya know the typicals......looks good bro....way to go
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    Looking good Nick [​IMG]
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    Nick, it sure looks great...Cute helper too![​IMG]

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