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  1. hey all. My 7lb pork butts will be done too soon. round about midnight. Im going to be serving them at a little potluck tomorrow around noon..... I know it risky but can i wrap them in foil and stick em in cooler till noon tomorrow? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -J
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    Yes.. I would also wrap a towel around it It will keep fine.....

  3. sprky

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    Here is what I do if I am going for extended hold time. Wrap several bricks in  foil and heat in 200 degree oven. Preheat cooler with boiling water. Place folded towel in bottom of cooler, place preheated bricks in cooler, cover with another towel. Double wrap meat in HD foil, and place in cooler. loosely Fill voids with towels. 
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    12 hours is a long time to try to keep it above 140 degrees, you may want to foil it real good & put it in a 175-180 degree oven. I would put it in an aluminum pan with the foiling juice & cover it well with foil. Leave a temp probe in it & don't let it get below 140 degrees. 
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    A word of advice pack the towels in your cooler the less room the longer that the temps will stay up there. Also you might want to keep a thermo probe in the meat to keep tabs on how the meats doing.

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