"Butt" cooking times do vary.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bearswoodshop, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Well, I thought I was pretty smart, and could cheat the long wait while cooking butts. The plan was to start smoking 2 butts at about 5 last night, nurse them till about 11, go to bed and take them off in the morning about 7 (my usual 14 hrs) and have them ready for lunch. About 2 this morning, my curiosity (and bladder) got the best of me and had to check things out. The temp was at about 300 :eek: oh no, sprayed with apple juice, and turned it down just a little. Seemed to settle at 225, things are good now, go back to bed. At 7 this morning, :roll: somehow the temp had fell to 200 and the internal was only 146, so much for the plan. I'll let you know how much longer, and get a couple pictures. BEAR
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    Bear, I know some guys don't like to do the thermometer thing, but in a case like this the Mavrick ET 73 could have alerted you to the Out of Range temps. This is a digital remote unit that several of us here use and endorse. Check out the link- Maverick ET-73.

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