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    Trying the butcher paper wrap. Had a friend get me a big ole roll from Sam's, was a lot cheaper than the roll of foil he got me too!!

    The 2 racks of babies got Memphis dust rub, butcher paper wrap, and sat in the cooler over night! 

    The (2) 14+ lb briskets ($2.48lb) briskets from HEB got NO TRIM with S&P rub, butcher paper then in the cooler.

    I recently bought 2 XL Arctic Ice paks and 2 L Arctic Ice paks for my boat coolers for fishing. They work great! I can refreeze them and they hold up so far for 7 days in my yeti. But it's not mid summer yet. See how they do over the summer. WAYYY less mess than ice!!! 


    Put the babies on the top and the briskets one each to a shelf with some pecan chunks in the cast iron skillet. 

    Butcher wrapped the babies at 2 1/2 hours and put em back on. 

    Butcher wrapped the briskets at 150*.

    You can see the babies have been wrapped awhile, no worries of flameups. just browns the paper up!

    When I 1st fired it up, it went to about 245*, so I just left it. Been having REAL GOOD briskets with keeping it more consistent than so much worry about the temp. But do stick between 215*-255*!!
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    Oh! I almost forgot! Can't believe I had to pay $2.48 lb. They were $2.28 two weeks ago!!

    Beef is just getting SOOO expensive!![​IMG]
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    Baby Backs went 6 hours and I pulled em! 

    Seems with the butcher paper they don't shrink up as much as with foil. Definitely better.

    These were also Smithfield ribs. I usually get HEB's. I don't think the meat's as good.

    But they're tender, meaty and juicy!!

    I definitely like the butcher paper over the foil. MUCH easier to work with & I believe more moist!

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    SHE said "These were YUMMY!"

    Can't go wrong with that!!!
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    I never finished this but I'll just say;

    Butcher paper is the HOLY GRAIL of wrapping your meat for smoking instead of foil!!!

    Took one o them briskets to an easter shindig and I got bombarded by 70 year old Native Texans wanting to know what was the magic!!!

    I was talking with a friend who was a manager at County Line BBQ for years and we think it has to do with the butcher paper breathing instead of steaming so much. It allows the meat to retain moisture but doesn't steam so much which tends to make your meat mushy!!

    Oh, they were also done in about 15hrs as opposed to the last time it was 18 hrs+!!

    I pulled em, threw them in a cooler in the paper, went to bed from 2 am till noon, pulled em out, sliced em! None of that separating the point from the flat, spinning the point 4 ways to sundown either. I just started on the thin end of the flat and started slicing across shortways and keep going all the way till I was done. 

    As I was slicing, she picked up a piece, took a bite and all I was heard was;


    Don't get no better'n that!!
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    Good tip about the butcher paper..... Thanks......
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    It's MUCH cheaper than foil too!!!

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