Burner flame adjustment (air/fuel) - FIXED! :)

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by yardbird, Sep 30, 2013.

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    OK, I was all happy about being able to get high temps in my Smoke Hollow and it would go low pretty easily too. But today I pulled the burner to really clean it, not just run a spider brush in it. I pulled it because I could no longer get rid of the yellow tips on the flames. They're not HUGE, but they're not just the tips either. I used to be able to get a decent blue flame from each burner orifice. Now everything is clean but I'm still getting yellow tips that I think are too large. And it varies some with whether I have it set on high or medium or low.

    I wondered if the burner control was getting wonky, and maybe not providing enough fuel, but the yellow tip are from too little air, right? Like the adjustable venturi air vane isn't open enough, right? Well mine is open all the way. If I close it down the yellow tips get larger. I also noticed that it makes a difference if I change the angle of the burner valve .... uh... whatever that piece is called that fits into the venturi. If I push it in farther, the yellow tips get larger. If I pull it out some, they get smaller, but I can't pull it out any farther or it will come out of the venturi.

    Time for a new burner?

    I'll tell ya, I've been thinking about changing the burner, but what I'm looking for is either one that's thermostatically controlled OR one that is a single round burner, with an inner ring and an outer ring that each has its own control. Haven't found either yet.



  2. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    OK, I got it. Even though I built an enclosure, I haven't got around to putting a front door on it yet. So it's 3 sides and a top. It's breezy today. I blocked the areas between the legs and the yellow all but disappeared.

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