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  1. Went to season my new MES 30 digital this morning and the heater won/t start. Light on controller won't come on.  By looking at the manual I'm pretty sure the controller is faulty.  I called MasterBuilt but no tech support available on weekends.  When do they think people are BQing anyway.  Well not smoking this weekend.  Will call Monday and update as it go's along.  [​IMG]  
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    Did you check the outlet that you plugged the Smoker into to be sure it is working and a breaker not thrown some where?

    ... and if you are using an extension cord are you sure it is ok?
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  3. All checked,  The outlet is fine.  I get the beep when I plug it in, put when I turn the unit on, set the timer and the heat the heat light and element dosen't come on. Not using an extension cord.  Thanks for your reply. 
  4. Well, I went back and checked everthing again and determined I missed a step in the start.  Its working fine now. dumb NOOB.
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    Don't be so hard on yourself. Now smoke something and enjoy.
  6. Thanks Sarge, Spent 20 enlisted myself.  Little time on DM in the late 70's.  I'm off to a friends BBQ.  Lucking it wasn't me doing it, but I'll be practicing. 
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    DM in Tucson?  I retired after 25 out of Fort Huachuca. And I reckon it is good that you were not scheduled to host the BBQ. Good luck!
  8. Ya, DM Tucson.  I guess we both worked for the man.  Different branches. Good luck to you also.

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