Building my first RF Offset.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by isaac, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. So here we go. I found a cheap offset on the road one day, made a few mods to it, got good with it and consistently make great food. I'm ready for the next stage in my smoker life.
    I made a 18x18x15"h out of 1/4 steel with a 3/8 bottom fire box, and found a old hot water tank at the dump. The tank is 3/16 with a 18" diameter, which is perfect for my fire box. I think the two will fit up perfectly. Here some pics of the fire box and the tank, I will keep putting up new pics as they develop.
    I know you guys will share my excitement. As my wife only likes the food, not he fact that I will have less than 100$ into this bad boy!!!!!!
    Stay tuned. [ATTACHMENT=1710][ATTACHMENT=1711]image.jpg (2,011k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]
  2. Nice start! Keep the pics coming. Your wife will enjoy the fruits of your labor when you are finished.

    Happy smoken.


  3. unfortunately i had to re design the fire box, my air inlet was way to big and couldn't control the temps at all, but now its done and working great!!!


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