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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by ryoma, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Hi [​IMG]

    I want to make a big horizontal offset Smoker (40-50"x25") for making a large grilling (direct cooking) and also a large Smoking (indirect Cooking)

    The firebox had to be low and in the center of the smoker like in the photo


    Perhaps I'd like to mount (between the firebox ans the smoke chamber) also a separate chamber for the water pan

    I have problem to work with a round object so I use a square object like in this project

    The project is a mix of this smoker
    and a Diamond Plate clone

    but this clone has a separate section to introduce a water pan

    My idea is:
    1) Barbequing (direct cooking)


    Smoking (indirect Cooking)


    3) Firebox


    as soon as I end to design the separate central firebox, the water pan chamber and a gravity fed charcoal room (like Stumps smoker) I'll add it.

    I want to konw if this will be a good plan;
    Are there any modifications to do??

    Thanks to all
    Ryoma [​IMG]

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