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Discussion in 'Beef' started by gary s, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone,  We have had a burn ban here in East Texas that was finally lifted about a week and a half ago. First chance to fire up the old RF in a while. Last week main water line broke and had water in front bedroom, not a good week. Anyway tomorrow 2 briskets and a rack of ribs (ribs for the grandsons) I'll post pictures as I go.

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    Sounds good Gary. I know E. Texas BBQ is good. Randy's Smokehouse in New Boston is a "must-stop" when I'm down at Red River Army Depot for work. Looking forward to some good pics!
  3. Sorry for the burn ban Gary. I know you'll be smiling when that smoke come out of the stack. ...and when that BBQ hits your taste buds.

    I was born in Longview and raised the first part of my life in Kilgore -- just east of you.

    Anyway be sure to document your cook so we can see how it's done in E Tx.
  4. We moved to Longview in 1978 actually White Oak where both our kids were raised and graduated school. Moved to Tyler then Whitehouse (8 miles south of the loop in Tyler) in1995. The reason we moved to Longview was I went to work for Johnston Crane & Rigging. Real familiar with Kilgore.

  5. I'm sure you are really ready to smoke again and really looking forward to getting to eat some good bbq. We have burn bans here in CO quite frequently and for months at a time so I know how you feel.  
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  6. Gary I have never cooked a brisket, can't wait for the pictures. 
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    Gary.. maybe a tx thing not sure.. but was camping in a state park early summer... and we were I formed about the burn ban.. however. After see some fire flames from what seemed like a pit.. in the distance. . I stopped a game warden and questioned thier flame.

    I never looked into but that night just went with what the warden said...

    You can have a flame to cook or for absolute warmth...
    And my uds is a burn barrel which is allowed inside city limits.. so, your firebox should be allowed for food cooking.. and or for absolute warmth. .
    Like I said I never looked into it..but.. its worth a check into for future bans..??

    OfficerDanials.. tarrant county.. Cedar Hill state park.. to be exact.
  8. Tomorrow is here, fired up the smoker and started getting the briskets ready

  9. git r' dun gary!! long time comin my friend i bet. lol. :) get ur smoke on.
  10. Here we are at two hours in  ....................

  11. webowabo  We had burn ban's in all the East Texas counties for the biggest part of the summer. Different counties and cities do have some confusing rules. I probably could have used my smoker, but I have a neighbor who does not mow and keep their yard maintained like they should and their back yard looks like a hay meadow waiting to be bailed. I was afraid that a wild spark or ember might drift over there , and I did not want to take a chance on burning down our neighborhood. So mostly my call. I did use my gas grill all summer, and pretty much all the time.

  12. Started my fire with some Kingsford Blue Bag I had let over, got my coals going good and added about 3 pieces of hickory. I got this lump at our local grocery store. They did have a brand which I can't remember the name that was real good. I am thinking it may be the same stuff just packaged under a different label. We are fixing to find out. Hickory had burned down so I am adding the lump.

    I will take a picture of the bag and post it

  13. Picture of the bag   "Lump"

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    More Brisket Pics please! My buddy and I are getting better and better at cooking them and they are slowly replacing pork butt as my fav cut of meat to smoke! Yours look awesome gary! Keep Rockin!
  15. I am 4 hours and 15 min into the cook, I'll go take another picture  Just for you !!!

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    LOL Thanks Gary! That's very kind of you. It will make my day!
  17. Here you GO !!!

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    Holy moly! Look at that bark forming! When they're done, wrap one in foil and a couple towels, stuff it in a cool, and UPS overnight it to me! lol jk

    Nice job so far. Can;t wait to see those slices!
  19. Getting the rack of ribs ready, pulled membrane off and cleaned up a bit. I left some of the trim pieces on  that I normally take off but the grandsons like the edges, kind of like burnt ends on ribs.

    Rubbed them down with a little yellow mustard and covered with my seasoning. (my seasoning is pretty much like everyone else's ) I have a couple of different recipes, don't remember which this one was. I use it a lot on just about everything that goes on the Grill.

  20. In about 45 min I'll pull my briskets wrap them in butcher paper and put back on the smoker, also put the ribs on probably do the 3-2-1   more pictures to come

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