Brisket Temperature Graph - MES 40 with Auber

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  1. In a recent thread someone asked how long meat would hold temperature when resting. I smoked a brisket Friday night / Saturday and have sort of a picture.

    The overall graph looks like this:

    in the smoker about 2340 @ 225. Brisket on 3rd rack. Veggies in 1/2 pan on 4th rack.
    Chamber probe right front corner 4th rack.

    Red line flat temp.

    White line Chamber/Point temp.

    1. 0150 move chamber probe to 3rd rack right front corner. Meat @ 147

        Added beef broth to veggies.
    2. 0450 set temp to 215. Meat @ 168
    3. 0730 set temp to 225. Move chamber probe to left middle 3rd rack. Meat @ 170
    4. 0815 set temp to 220. Rotate brisket so point is over heating element. Meet @ 174
    5. 0900 start braise. Move chamber probe to point to monitor flat & point.

       veggie/broth pan out.
    6. Out of braise to finish with more bark.
    7. Done at 190 using tooth pick test. Separate point and put flat into a cooler with towels.
       Flat dropped to 183 by the time I got it in the cooler.
    Served about 2 hours later just below 140.

    I know I'm not supposed to adjust the temperatures, but I got nervous. 


    1. The control temperature sensor sits just below the second rack, which means it was just above the brisket. The temperature stayed constant on the control unit. I hadn't really considered how much variation I would get by moving my "Chamber" thermometer around in the MES

    2. I found the drop in temperature after removing the brisket from the braise interesting. I did not expect that.

    3. I lost about 20 deg/hour during the rest. I could have made the cooler/towels more efficient by packing the cooler with towels.

    I took the point and made burnt ends. After adding the sauce I put them back in the smoker @ 225 for about 1.5 hours.

    All in all, the best brisket I've done so far.

    Out of the smoker.

    Burnt ends. They all got eaten.

    The brisket with minor views of the smoked mac and beans.
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    Great temp graph and smoke! Those burnt ends look great...first to get eaten at my house too!
  3. Thank you. 

    My son and nephew have MES-30s. They're visiting the weekend after Labor Day and have requested a brisket smoke.

    My wife requested I not talk about the burnt ends. [​IMG]
  4. knifebld

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    Too funny, my wife says the same every time I smoke one too!

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