Brisket temp after foil??

Discussion in 'Beef' started by camblin82, May 1, 2016.

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    Hey all, quick question. I normally cook all my briskets/brisket flats unwrapped the whole time. Tried something different today. I wrapped at the stall with probe inserted. Brought the temp up to 190 and my plan was to unwrap and put back on to firm up the bark a bit. I took it off at 190 IT and unwrapped and back into the smoker it went. The IT immediately dropped to 172. My question is do I leave it in there now to my desired temp of 200 IT or????? I figured I'd lose a few degrees after unwrapping but not close to 20
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  2. I do not know, but i think that it would dry it out and  make the brisket tough. do not know, that the beauty of smoking food, we learn as we go.

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    No need to put the brisket back on the grate.

    You should have just finished it in the foil.


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