Brisket & Ribeyes

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bummed, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Had family coming in for the weekend so I had to step up my game. I decided to go with a packer to get the weekend started. New to smoking in general I was nervous tackling this one.

    I trimmed it and salted it down and wrapped it in the fridge for 12 hours.

    I injected it with beef broth and after a lot of research I settled on Meatheads Big Bad Beef rub.

    Used Pecan with a bit of Hickory @225. I put the fat above the brisket. Put it in Char Broil electric smoker at 9pm.

    Stayed up till 1am catching up with the family. Dropped the temp to 220 due to the fact we hit the Kraken a bit hard.

    At 10am the point got to 203 so I pulled it and wrapped it up in a cooler for 4 hours.

    It was 150 after 4 hours and juicy as could be. It got devoured!

    The little that was left made unreal breakfast sandwiches.

    Saturday afternoon the meat craving continues with Ribeye. Salted for an hour and hit them up with light Mccormick Montreal steak seasoning.

    Smoked @225 with Pecan until they hit 105 and then reversed sear to about 115-120.

    They didn't last long!

    My smoker handled everything great but the attached thermometer broke. I have to get ahold of Char Broil and see what they want to do. It's not even 2 weeks old yet.
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    Looks great! Lots of tasty food!
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    Man that's some good looking Q!

    Nice job with your new rig!


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